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    dawn oconnor

    i wiil try all of them

  • judygames

    It's 2am and this is what I am doing...

  • Emmy Lynn
    Emmy Lynn

    I could definitely be wrong, but what if the connection is that Esther was Ruby's grandmother? The one who gave her Mr Hopps, who passed away. If I remember correctly, i think the grandmother had something, possibly dementia, which would explain why Esther doesn't remember anything, and why she would give Ruby Mr Hopps. Edit: I just looked it up, and apparently Esther is Ruby's grandmother. I'm like kinda proud of myself now for finding a connection lmbo. Have a good day everyone! <3

  • Twyla s
    Twyla s

    Welp imma have nightmares

  • Genevieve Wessling
    Genevieve Wessling

    When he was opening the door with his head tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

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    Heather wright

    Is this real

  • kyra

    i WAS before MILLIONS 😃

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    Cleydi Umana


  • Makaylaa Ballardo
    Makaylaa Ballardo

    Wasn’t Esther the name of the Ruby’s Nana??

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    megan kastor

    do more!

  • Kara Benkowski
    Kara Benkowski

    O O O O

  • Chad altom
    Chad altom

    it does work.

  • Kinleigh Draws
    Kinleigh Draws

    Nobody: Chester: DON'T MESS WITH THE MEAT!

  • 😝Adopt_Me_Girl😜

    Why is this so scary~ Just whyyyyy~ Don’t ever get a bunny toy~ Or else....~ You will be like her~ He he!

  • lei Požegić
    lei Požegić

    We would love to watch longer playthroughs 🥺🙏🏻💕

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    Jesse on Roblox

    No it’s 2021

  • 𒆜๖ۣۜℜΐkka𒆜

    pause it at 3:46 ..

  • animeshit

    This would’ve been 10 times scarier without Lauren’s commentary

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    Looks like lauran got her likes (:

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    Adelyn Wilson

    I literally would've called the cops and left my son at the house

  • LOW SHU YU Moe
    LOW SHU YU Moe

    this gimmie nightmares

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    Blah blah blah

    OMG CONGRATS LAUREN AND BOBBY! You guys are going to be the best parents to melody!

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    Megan is a gamer


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    Amber Benoist

    so you know im a big fan!!!!

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    Millie M

    it's you in 2021

  • Olivia James
    Olivia James

    13:59 ... Reminds me of that one video where Lauren pretended to be a pterodactyl (the Dino that can fly) 😭😭. Only the scream though

  • Paige Golden
    Paige Golden

    Please please please please please please please continue🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • That one Hufflepuff
    That one Hufflepuff

    "Ah yes , the lamp room" -Lauren2021

  • Lisa Leach
    Lisa Leach

    Lauren when she gose down stairs ladododo

  • Danielle Howell
    Danielle Howell

    Lauren: I don't know how to introduce her Me: LION KING STYLE!!!!

  • Noor Alzoubi
    Noor Alzoubi

    LDSHADOWLADY sounds like yammy

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  • -Your local weeb-
    -Your local weeb-

    Ummmm... That scared the living crap out of me and I now probably can’t sleep...🥲

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    Moonlight Fox

    Melody is so cute 🥰

  • Bell Hinton
    Bell Hinton

    we out today to try some corn we will sacrifice your newborn

  • ☹︎𝚔 𝚊 𝚣 𝚜 𝚞 𝚔 𝚒☺︎︎
    ☹︎𝚔 𝚊 𝚣 𝚜 𝚞 𝚔 𝚒☺︎︎

    Ok just stop giving cat food

  • Baby patrick
    Baby patrick

    When he posts more can you do part 2

  • baby bat
    baby bat

    honestly, i really like how fake it is it makes it more enjoyable in one way or another

  • Samantha Dyer
    Samantha Dyer

    I can pet my cat when she is asleep because she thinks it's ok to meow at the top of her lungs at six in the morning!🤣🏤

  • Maria Cartagena
    Maria Cartagena

    This was great plz do an new one like this

  • Emma Bither
    Emma Bither

    Did anyone realize ester was the name of the grandma in the other video if she already noticed it in the video srry

  • StarKids

    Theres a thing in my room that makes a beeping noise and it makes me so mad but thats the only noise. Nothing else

  • Usergoesburr

    i like the fact this video was supposed to be funny but i couldn’t get over the name “candice”

  • Taurean Jones
    Taurean Jones

    We love you

  • J Cot
    J Cot

    Umm LAUREN WHERE U JUST LIKE A "Oh ok a baby just a few days and now RECORD" Just kidding your a great mom I bet 🙂🌆💖

  • ErRor707

    DID SHE SWEAR. i don't think I ever heard that before. 🏤

  • I’m doing stuff Today
    I’m doing stuff Today

    Lauren why are you drinking the living souls of the sims

  • Red Ronahan
    Red Ronahan

    Moral of the story don't feed your child cat food. Later put chair at the door this giant demon monster definitely can't break down a door that a 10 year old can break Love how they never find candencc

  • Trina Fischer
    Trina Fischer

    Me who had that same bunny: NOOOOOOOO

  • Deven Pollard
    Deven Pollard

    True fact: ester didn't actually intend for it to happen every ending she gets possessed and she ends up giving ruby Mr hopp

  • BugBug


  • Tori Breazile
    Tori Breazile

    Ahhh so cute!

  • Cora Bora
    Cora Bora

    8:41 that is a song Are you ready from ready for a perfect storm perfect storm ‘cause what’s in mind what’s in mind there’s no going back I think it’s called dark horse from Katy parry

  • Piggy Eep
    Piggy Eep

    You make it so funny! Makes it easier to watch these type of videos

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    cookie crumble

    you are so pretty

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    Ann Tao

    Happy belated birthday 🎉

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    Jennifer Castillo

    Please make a video of u finding all the medallions

  • Maddie Mew Mew
    Maddie Mew Mew

    I thought that was actually a thing where they actually use your webcam with strangers. But I guess it's all part of the game.

  • Terry Phillips
    Terry Phillips

    Molly is so full of her self I hate her

  • Wait What-
    Wait What-

    If your watching this in 2021 be my friend

  • Nadja Kostek
    Nadja Kostek

    Her restaurant should totally be called Galaxy Grill.

  • Cat person Lol
    Cat person Lol

    7:40 it is funny that Parker and Chester that don’t care that his head did a 360

  • MARGARITA lopez
    MARGARITA lopez

    That was cat food!

  • skye.robloxawsome

    i bet lauren got summoned by bread demons XD

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    Charlene Woods

    nobody: Lauren actually getting 100k likes:👌

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    Zoe Gray

    That is the most perfect looking baby I have ever seen oh my gosh 🥺🥰

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    Jelly Roll

    17:19 I know I wasn't the only one who clapped with Lauren

  • karma & friends show
    karma & friends show

    AWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEE What a cute babyyy!

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  • Harper Grant
    Harper Grant

    Esther had no recollection that the bunny was bad so she gave it to ruby

  • Zoe Gray
    Zoe Gray

    That is the most perfect looking baby I have ever seen oh my gosh 🥺🥰

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    ....uhhh, Subscribe?

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    Hyon Stiffler

    Beverley is the worst

  • shaykat

    ok I haven't seen the ending yet and I'm guessing Esther is ruby's grandmother. oh mah god I got it right! I swear to god I didn't just watch it all and say this but if you don't believe me that's fine :) at first I thought it was her mother but at the part where it was like "this marks the 67th year anniversary of the orphanages missing children and staff disappearance" I was like "never mind its her grandmother."

  • Angel Salamanca
    Angel Salamanca

    You do realize that Esther is the grandma on the first game?

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    Could u please pin me! I never have been pinned before please (if your reading this then ILYSM melody is the cutest thing ever! Congratulations 🎉💗love your channel literally is my top fav)

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    It works

  • you cheated son of a gun
    you cheated son of a gun

    100k lets gooooo