DO NOT Play This Game ...It Finds Your Biggest FEARS
Today I'm testing my fears with this game that simulates different real life phobias to see if it scares you...

DO NOT Take This Survey Sequel (But I Took It Anyway):
Testing MORE Creepy Talking Tom, Angela \u0026 Ben Apps:


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  • Dirdzik Brzostki
    Dirdzik Brzostki

    Scopophobia is an excessive fear of being stared at. While it is not unusual to feel anxious or uncomfortable in situations where you're likely to be the center of attention - like performing or speaking publicly - scopophobia is more severe. That is my phobia

  • hiroshi john musni
    hiroshi john musni

    Lauren: “Why do i hate this so much?!” *Also Lauren: Explains*

  • Curly hair and fully aware
    Curly hair and fully aware

    i have bathmaphobia the fear of stairs! every since i was little i had an accident on the stairs and feel almost killing my cousin i was traumatized

  • Mystic Wolf
    Mystic Wolf

    Lauren: screaming at the ducks. Me: their MINECRAFT DUCKERS! :D Also Lauren: checking fear of crossing streets Me: having a panic attack because I am TERRIFIED of it

  • Biak Sangii
    Biak Sangii

    i literally just relize shes playing roblox im also have all the fears

  • nyempil family
    nyempil family

    Im sorry lauren i already PLAY that game AND I LOVE IT its just so scary

  • Karen

    Uh oh. Duck gang we have been discovered EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY

  • Alicia Venegas
    Alicia Venegas

    Lauren: am not fear of heights ~when she fell off the building~ Lauren: ahhh *cobres eyes*



  • iixxexr

    Can u do any other ones with epilepsy warnings?

  • 🦋edits and other things🦋
    🦋edits and other things🦋

    So my uncle told me that you not afraid of the dark your afraid of what’s in the dark 😈🕷

  • 🦋edits and other things🦋
    🦋edits and other things🦋

    I have coulrophobia the fear of clowns so I had to skip it I have a story for why tell me in the comments if you want to know the story.

  • Emma Ferguson
    Emma Ferguson

    You should find the Mimic game In roblox

  • Eloise L
    Eloise L

    I want to see if anybody else knows this song so here we go There once was a ship that put to see

  • Eloise L
    Eloise L

    Me discovering my new fear today and it’s supposed to rain all day today so today’s gonna be a great day

  • cottoncookie3

    Reply to this comment with a weird fear/phobia you have, mine is rollercoasters even the tiny baby ones that last one second

  • Tyler Dasilva
    Tyler Dasilva

    What game is this

  • Wraithseer

    is there a phobia for what I can't see cause if there is then that's my phobia

  • Ellie Barnes
    Ellie Barnes

    I have Agroraphobi ,Atelophobia,cautophobia,dementophobia and submechanophobia

  • Føxs¡e  P¡xel
    Føxs¡e P¡xel

    yes to more :

  • BubblGumJules

    Lauren: what are you afraid of the most Me: unicorns and fairy’s

  • Sistersquad Norah and Aljohra
    Sistersquad Norah and Aljohra


  • JaneJackHawk Bacon Hair Gamer
    JaneJackHawk Bacon Hair Gamer

    I have the fear of spiders but this is game so why skip the part of the spider phobia

  • Đreamy Gırl
    Đreamy Gırl

    When i have fear of everything* Me: i feel bad ;)

  • Aliza Simani
    Aliza Simani

    My worst fear 😨 uuuuummmmm I have clotriphobeya agraphbea heights and clowns

  • imoto baka chaan :-P
    imoto baka chaan :-P

    I hate being in a Forest,big gardens, any where thats hunted by myself 😫✋️

  • Christabel Fernanda
    Christabel Fernanda

    This is roblox the game is "phobias" 😂

  • name

    I got tryphobia

  • Mary Holmes
    Mary Holmes

    1:37 yes my pet

  • Megan McCarthy
    Megan McCarthy

    I’m not scared of spiders but I am scared of spider eggs and Heights

  • Beth Kinnison
    Beth Kinnison

    Wait she's playing Roblox

  • Beth Kinnison
    Beth Kinnison

    I'm scared of nothing

  • Little black Dress
    Little black Dress

    Vintage music really freaks me out for some reason

  • Emily B
    Emily B

    more like this plsssssssssssssssssssssss

  • Kirishima Love
    Kirishima Love

    Owa owa owa

  • em

    * agoraphobic starts playing *

  • Wan Ridlwatul Farhaanah Wan Ahmad Rosidi
    Wan Ridlwatul Farhaanah Wan Ahmad Rosidi

    i scared of ghost

  • music kids
    music kids

    Then your ferar

  • jour6150 jour6150
    jour6150 jour6150

    feer of duck

  • Joana Pio
    Joana Pio

    Me:*Dosnt get scared* Door:*closes loudly* Me:OH GAWD

  • Jo Watt
    Jo Watt

    Do more

  • Cute Cat Videos
    Cute Cat Videos

    I fear dogs

  • • NuGgEt_LoVeR •
    • NuGgEt_LoVeR •

    I have a phobia that I call infiniphobia its fear of infinity like an endless hallway like that

  • Black._. Sunflxwer
    Black._. Sunflxwer

    I'm scared of virus clowns but I'm not scared of IT the clown from the horror movie like- who does that work 😭🤚

  • Scout the fox
    Scout the fox

    During me watching this I heard a so-called “scary” noise that sounded like a weird bell ringing I never heard before and I was kinda scared but I just realized it was a construction truck lol

  • Bamboo™ || Pancakes
    Bamboo™ || Pancakes

    I have the same fears as Lauren- and I have a fear of chaurs- I'm scared when I sit down on a chair, because I had an acident in kindergarden that involves me trying to sit down on a chair, but a other kid pulls the chair right before I sit down and my chin hit the table and all the scin on my chin got removed. I bled a lot and it hurted so much. I still remember some of it. If you look at my chin closely you cam still see the wound.

    • Bamboo™ || Pancakes
      Bamboo™ || Pancakes

      cam = can

    • Bamboo™ || Pancakes
      Bamboo™ || Pancakes

      scin = skin

    • Bamboo™ || Pancakes
      Bamboo™ || Pancakes

      chaurs = chairs

  • a living chicken nugget
    a living chicken nugget

    i am scared of everything i need to cover my screen the whole entire time XD🤣

  • •Míchëlle Cateģoŕy•
    •Míchëlle Cateģoŕy•

    Who else heard cheesus instead of Jesus

  • Holly Bales
    Holly Bales

    Oh no I don't like heights they scare me so much every time I'm on a mountain it scares me so much

  • kashmala shah
    kashmala shah


  • [King Shadow] [Sir Knight}
    [King Shadow] [Sir Knight}

    I known I had arachnophobia

  • Rainbow bunny
    Rainbow bunny

    I get why people can be afraid of ducks there cute but vicious 🦆

  • Jayshanoy Fraser
    Jayshanoy Fraser

    Clowns 🤡

  • Anna O'Leary
    Anna O'Leary

    I hate this so scary!!!!

  • Alicia Robinett
    Alicia Robinett

    I’m scared of clowns…

  • AstheticSari

    What's the name of the game ?

  • Daniela McGough
    Daniela McGough

    *Me being less scared because because me moms here dancing weirdly in the the background*

    • Daniela McGough
      Daniela McGough

      My moms lowkey crazy.. In a good way🙃

  • CaraBeara

    i hate clowns ._.

  • pupo pack
    pupo pack

    Pls do a part 2

  • CaraBeara

    what game is this :O

  • Valerie Michels
    Valerie Michels

    A spider bit me I still have it

  • Valerie Michels
    Valerie Michels

    Is there dark one of the phobia

  • Jobi Mohamad
    Jobi Mohamad

    Can you maybe play a horror game the name is Evelyn

  • levi_luvz_anime

    also me : very anxious person

  • levi_luvz_anime

    me : still afraid of long hallways... .,.

  • buntug

    What im afraid of and scare me? EVERTHING :D

  • JustJiggle Juggle
    JustJiggle Juggle

    Mine is ticks like the bug idk why but it does okie I can’t sleep at night because of them :,(

  • yeetes maximus
    yeetes maximus

    When she fell on the heights one and literally said Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!😑

  • Exella Varis göransson
    Exella Varis göransson

    Whats thw name of the game on rbx?

    • Exella Varis göransson
      Exella Varis göransson


  • indiGO OMG YAY!
    indiGO OMG YAY!

    I'm am totally afraid of fish cause blood comes out their gills! 🐟

  • Sandie Bosustow
    Sandie Bosustow

    I love spiders😍😍😍

  • Omarski Giza
    Omarski Giza


  • Sarah6o5

    what is this game called

  • - d r e a m i n g - シ
    - d r e a m i n g - シ

    My fears that were showed in this video (On a scale of 1-10) Fear of heights - 6, Fear of stairs - 8, Fear of Spiders - 3, Fear of public speaking - 9, Fear of tight spaces/being trapped - 7, Fear of insanity- 10, Fear of the dark - 4. That’s what was in the video.

  • Princess Keigh
    Princess Keigh

    I saw a big spider in irl

  • Princess Keigh
    Princess Keigh

    I kinda fear heights and spiders Or maybe the dark

  • CharShark84

    Can we have a pt2 the only time I’m comfortable playing these games is when I’m playing with someone or watching someone do the game

  • Cc_mcPickle Pickle cult
    Cc_mcPickle Pickle cult

    I have arachnophobia when I see spider I scream at top lungs

  • Jessica Caye
    Jessica Caye

    The smile room was the creepiest you know what the are all scary

  • Jill Dlugopolski
    Jill Dlugopolski

    I love that the stuff she dosnt like she still does them 😂😂

  • FNaF lover
    FNaF lover

    People:fear of imperfection Meh:story of my life

  • Pink diamond Plays
    Pink diamond Plays

    Lauerns back to roblox! (This is a roblox game)

  • Rowan Bredlaw
    Rowan Bredlaw

    Lauren: AH Yes! The HALL OF PHOBIAS!

  • ☁️  青い あかね ☁️
    ☁️ 青い あかね ☁️

    Imagine having Antychiphobia (Fear of Failure) bc you were growing up with strict parents : )

  • Cashier_foxesarecute🦊

    Im scares of *👀👁👁* O_O AHHHHHH

  • :)

    lauren jumps off the building me: why why don't you know i have anixety and hate heights

  • Hilda Olivares
    Hilda Olivares

    I hate the dark and if I watch this I might have nightmares

  • O'sheana _Gacha_18
    O'sheana _Gacha_18

    i have Dementophobia and Glosssophobia

  • Jauna Howe
    Jauna Howe

    At least I could tell my biggest fear my biggest fear is... falling down the rabbit hole going to my final death because there is a rabbit holes and one of the Rabbit Transit drag me down into the rabbit hole the rabbit hole was actually big it was at my backyard

  • Jauna Howe
    Jauna Howe

    Things I know Lauren sides biggest fear the mimic

  • Nancy K Barrera
    Nancy K Barrera

    Wow im scerd of evrithing

  • Jason morrow
    Jason morrow

    I'm fear the night guard even know I'm kill him bc I'm freddy the robot😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😎😎

    • Jason morrow
      Jason morrow

      And also I'm live in Ireland so my spiders can't bite me

  • seriouslyobsessed

    Does anybody know the game name-? I know it’s on roblox but what game on roblox?

    • seriouslyobsessed

      Nvm I found it, it’s called Phobia on roblox for those who don’t know :>

  • Nichola Taylor
    Nichola Taylor

    Pleaseeeee make another one 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • galaxy being
    galaxy being

    Me watching this: ims cared of everything no one has to tell me twice

  • Bíborka Farkas
    Bíborka Farkas

    I fear of dark and vhampires

  • Y/N

    Jokes on that game because I'm scared of a lonely hall, darkness, clowns, black widows, tarantula, killers, DEATH.

  • NinjaPupPlayz

    What I expected on the imperfect phobia thing: horror, inSaNItY and a nightmare. What I saw on the imperfect phobia thing: My happy place! A dream!

  • MįkãMęõw! DãrkÑįght
    MįkãMęõw! DãrkÑįght

    When I read the description and then I watched the video I knew this game and I already played it but I’m not scared much :^

  • Audriana binos
    Audriana binos

    10:11 the jumpscares dont scare me