I Tried App Games That Remind Me... BEING A GIRL IS WEIRD 3
Today I try out some weird Girls Games that I found on the App Store's TOP gaming charts \u0026 learned I'm a "Baddie" with Bridal Rush, I Am The Queen, Makeover Run, Girl Rage, Whip Em All \u0026 Squat Master.

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  • Pat Stidham
    Pat Stidham

    Lol strut that stuff 👱🏽‍♀️👱🏽‍♀️👱🏽‍♀️👱🏽‍♀️👱🏽‍♀️👱🏽‍♀️👱🏽‍♀️👱🏽‍♀️

  • Pat Stidham
    Pat Stidham

    Omg u didn’t sacrifice yourself!

  • Pat Stidham
    Pat Stidham

    It’s aqua park

  • Nicole edits
    Nicole edits

    Plz play worst rated games plz

  • Edith montes
    Edith montes

    Wait you’re a baddie you don’t look like a Baddie you have to wear black make up and black clothes

  • Brandon Reese
    Brandon Reese

    The boyfriend is the first helicopter now!

  • idk

    Why am I watching this at 3am

  • Mandy Elizabeth
    Mandy Elizabeth

    The #1 bread baddie

  • Coco

    Lauren: cause that’s what all we WOMANS want, to get married…… TO ANYBODY. Me: yep. Sounds about right.

  • Georgiana Stanca
    Georgiana Stanca

    Lauren i have the same PHONE u have!!🤗🤗

  • Jaya Nagpal
    Jaya Nagpal

    I think its called aqua park .i.o

  • -Alice:〉

    This remind me of when I was going to YT scrolling until I saw that makeup run

  • {Diana Cutez}
    {Diana Cutez}

    Lauren: oh my god he’s like a frisbee!

  • IvanuxToons

    1 det boy was bobby

  • Rama philemon
    Rama philemon

    bridal rush is like water park io

  • Let's go gamers🍉🍒🍓
    Let's go gamers🍉🍒🍓


  • Kitty Mckinzie
    Kitty Mckinzie

    Lauren your the best

  • Mohamed Benhida
    Mohamed Benhida


  • Ahri Xuplerpllp
    Ahri Xuplerpllp


  • ✨🌸sillyunicornkate playz✨🌸✨
    ✨🌸sillyunicornkate playz✨🌸✨

    * T O G E T. T H E F I D G E T. T O Y S💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 L

  • ✨🌸sillyunicornkate playz✨🌸✨
    ✨🌸sillyunicornkate playz✨🌸✨

    *T H E P O P I N G T O Y. I TS C A L L E D F I D G E T T O Y G O T O S H O P E E 😮😮😮*

  • ✨🌸sillyunicornkate playz✨🌸✨
    ✨🌸sillyunicornkate playz✨🌸✨


  • ✨🌸sillyunicornkate playz✨🌸✨
    ✨🌸sillyunicornkate playz✨🌸✨

    *id do sonething super wierd if sineone kisses by them lips i explodes the real bomb at they”er house me laughs ppppppppppahahahahahahahahaha

  • Wilbur

    There one called Fat 2 Fit

  • Áine & Lili McKenna
    Áine & Lili McKenna

    Why are there soo many of these games

  • Athziry Escobedo
    Athziry Escobedo


  • Jean Mirville
    Jean Mirville

    everyone be baddie

  • serenity woodard
    serenity woodard

    I love the water park game

  • andrea H
    andrea H

    I really don't know why people make all these satisfying games but, put so many ads! Games without ads: 100% satisfying! ( Most of the time) Games with ads: 31% satisfying

  • Mark Lian
    Mark Lian

    Lauren:sacfrice yourself nooo! me:lol

  • Zlata Ustinovica
    Zlata Ustinovica

    You said hoe which is a swear

  • Adam Edgell
    Adam Edgell

    random person on the internet: how do you sexually identify? Lauren: Baddie!!!

  • Layla Jones
    Layla Jones

    hey Lauren can you make a yandere video plzzzz

  • mickey harris
    mickey harris

    Did lauren cuss at 8:44 I can't tell I also never heard her cuss so if she did that new

  • Ur.local.L0ser

    I saw one of these games and I thought:omg Lauren would love this

  • Anna Berry
    Anna Berry

    I really have to appreciate that I got one of the games that you played before as an ad on this video what the heck I guess they think since I’m watching it I want to play it

  • Peoplesons Playz
    Peoplesons Playz


  • Siobhan Murray
    Siobhan Murray

    2:040 its called auca park well i dont know how to spel

  • Mark Furlong
    Mark Furlong

    Lauren: ok the groom is all the way over there and now I've got some BiShs in MaH wAy

  • Its Natalie sisters
    Its Natalie sisters

    What is the i think third app name?

  • #bunny

    "bobby i would not do this to you but I'll do it to this ragdoll man"Made me laugh so hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • liz villagrana
    liz villagrana

    when they pile up on you it looks like there trying to make you preagnant

  • hayley haines
    hayley haines

    you are the best way that

  • Quantina Carter
    Quantina Carter


  • Jesus Aguayo
    Jesus Aguayo

    I got a ad of hair challenge

  • Lahana Flyinghawk
    Lahana Flyinghawk

    oh my ooooommmmmmgggggggggg

  • Caitlin Henry
    Caitlin Henry

    Lauren:laughs* you didn’t sacrifice your self me: this is not what a baddie would say

  • SamakiRoden

    I think the inbetween would be a dating sim but even if you wanted that I don't think there'd be many good ones on the app store

  • Valentine Nicky
    Valentine Nicky

    Anyone remember the uh girls go games??? I think that's what it was-

  • LotusCreate A. L. A.
    LotusCreate A. L. A.

    Cbf*bffvd Fb r

  • Anila Nyoka
    Anila Nyoka

    OMG to COOL 😎

  • ♡Tori♡

    Ok but your hair looks glourious⚫🔻⚫💞

  • Kate Gekeler
    Kate Gekeler

    How is the baby

  • chris hill
    chris hill

    one game that you havent tried is "icing on the dress"

  • memes off of tiktok
    memes off of tiktok

    Ty for the 4 days late bday gift besides this is my favorite vids

  • Doggo123

    I'm a baddie

  • Lyne Viljoen
    Lyne Viljoen

    Hello 👋

  • •cherry playz•
    •cherry playz•

    How is the baby?

  • ✨☆~Mian The fox~☆✨
    ✨☆~Mian The fox~☆✨

    "Bishis" -LaurenzSide

  • Gage Key nguyen
    Gage Key nguyen

    Imagine that was bobby

  • Sparkles

    things about Lauren 1.She is a baddie 2.she is a queen 3.she has 5.69M Subs 4.she does this so we dont have to :)

  • Amira Marseel
    Amira Marseel

    Ahhhhhh more 😢😭😭😢😢😭😭😢😢😭😭☹️☹️☹️

  • StrawberryX

    8:50 he’s a runner he’s a track star

  • v44tvd

    Are baddies old grandmas that knit these days

  • Amy Sakine
    Amy Sakine

    Delete it delete these apps on the world delete them out of the iCloud please search

  • Amy Sakine
    Amy Sakine

    Girl you played some games for 4+ do you feel like a baddie

  • Jacqueline Lucia
    Jacqueline Lucia

    All of these games were made by men, change my mind.

  • Edward Caswell
    Edward Caswell

    I love your videos 😍

  • Ella Johnson
    Ella Johnson


  • Sloto Marina
    Sloto Marina

    Zerosum is the owner of the games an maybe also voodoo

  • Brittany Taylor
    Brittany Taylor

    The *Hello I’m a lady!!* got me 🤣🤣

  • shelise06

    Person : what’s your pronouns ? Lauren : *baddie*

  • gxxjj Gurung
    gxxjj Gurung

    Lauren are you in play store 😂😂😂 ??

  • Bert 238
    Bert 238

    I Love the Squat Master game.

  • Joanna Rollings
    Joanna Rollings


  • Blake Candy
    Blake Candy

    An ad for this game played

    • Blake Candy
      Blake Candy

      The game was bridal rush

  • •°Cammy cake°•
    •°Cammy cake°•

    Yeah aquapark is like the same

  • ®MadHarperッ

    "Not everyone is obsessed with Elsa." - Lauren, 2021

  • Alana rurjyyjthugygyy7yy6uyhu Alana 5
    Alana rurjyyjthugygyy7yy6uyhu Alana 5

    Oh my god he's like a Frisbee

  • Hitler Solis
    Hitler Solis

    Then where is the life of

  • Brian Corbins
    Brian Corbins

    I love your videos can you make more your so funny I love you

  • SLDShrink

    I love how in the rage one even though the girl is mad she still trotting like a baddie

  • Hung Vo
    Hung Vo


  • Camden Allen
    Camden Allen

    How many people are going to bet that most of the people who play these games are guys?

  • Karen Decker
    Karen Decker

    Lauren you should play cat walk

  • Xx_Artzi_xX

    “ Not hair! No hairs! Each individual hair” -Lauren 2021

  • Reagan Kugel
    Reagan Kugel

    Oh my God he's like a Frisbee -Luranzside 2021

  • }~Marlee Afton~{
    }~Marlee Afton~{

    I wish the best for you,Bobby and Melody

  • Reagan Kugel
    Reagan Kugel

    Nobody: Luranzside: dam im just hitting lady - luran 2021

  • Big supporter
    Big supporter

    I know the waterpark game🙈🙈🙈

  • •S A D  Q U E E N•
    •S A D Q U E E N•

    ✨WoW tHe GaMe FoR BaDdiEs✨



  • leslie cabrera
    leslie cabrera

    you are funny

  • YourNeighborhoodLxser

    Tell mini lauren melody i said hello :D

  • LonelyCat

    Of course I’m not the first one to respond I’m just I’m Just a lonely kitten

  • Kadence Perry
    Kadence Perry


  • broken heart club
    broken heart club

    I know the makeover running I like that game

  • Gaming-With-Anime-Edits

    All of the other girls are Eilles

  • Áine & Lili McKenna
    Áine & Lili McKenna

    Lauren you are the Queen of bread galaxy and deer so u are the ultimate Queen and baddie.lauren the baby is soooo cute i love her name.

  • Chicken Wings
    Chicken Wings

    You should kinda role play as a baddie, Black or red lips Black clothes And ofcourse the strut walk.... will Bobby still love you? When you walk outside and call him out then he sees you as a. 💎 B A D D I E 💎

Dunkey's E3 2021
2.2 mln
Dunkey's E3 2021
2.2 mln