3 HAUNTED TikTok Accounts You Should NEVER Watch
I found out about Haunted \u0026 Scary Tik Tok accounts that shouldn't exist and decided to share them with all of you so we can have nightmares together! DO NOT Watch these TikToks!!

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  • mani hajati
    mani hajati

    داستان اما در گرگان

  • sunsetflower 70
    sunsetflower 70

    She has to see the girl who choped her head its really scary

  • Michael Pipolo
    Michael Pipolo

    If that came to my house I will be moving out 😆😆😆

  • Jane

    This is extremely creepy

  • Swag Monke
    Swag Monke

    lol does Lauren not know what an arg means

  • D and P Besselaar
    D and P Besselaar

    Phew….where i live i have no snow omg yessssss.!

  • 🧸🩹♡Coffee Catz♡🩹🧸
    🧸🩹♡Coffee Catz♡🩹🧸

    i just love these videos but by the end i dont wanna have a shower cuz im to scared ¯\(°_°)/¯ anyone else. no just me Xd

  • cawiychin girl
    cawiychin girl

    Way the heck

  • Baby patrick
    Baby patrick

    When he posts more can you do part 2

  • Julie VanDer Stoep
    Julie VanDer Stoep

    I heard of a song called rabbit hole and she said rabbit hole

  • KallmeCallie

    So when the nit one with the son it was really weird and the worst part was a think that weird thing was.... The women.....

  • Lis Wright
    Lis Wright

    Did any one saw in the first snowman it looked liked a amoung us character!was it an imposter !and the if I'm itsint weird cuz If you put imposter in it it will say if I'm imposter .and he SAID SUS ! AM I CRAZY

  • Isabel and Natalie
    Isabel and Natalie

    👁👄👁 😬

  • Marielys Benitez
    Marielys Benitez

    Hey can you watch animal abuse

  • natsu.

    and arg is an alternate reality game, which is an interactive networked narrative that uses the real world as a platform and employs transmedia storytelling to deliver a story that may be altered by players' ideas or actions. Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities, including visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory and olfactory. (google definitions lmao)

  • Candace Stango
    Candace Stango

    N-n-ne-e-ed b-b-bl-o-od

  • Anneliza Ortega
    Anneliza Ortega

    me: *watching this* me again every 5 seconds: * turns around to make sure no one and nothing is behind me* also: i just looked up the last tiktoker and yes she actually saw this

  • Memes memes
    Memes memes

    It's red spray paint, blood gets VERY brownish red after just a few minuetes.

  • Ronel Badenhorst
    Ronel Badenhorst

    No way im dog has the same name as your😺

  • { SlëëpyAnimations }
    { SlëëpyAnimations }

    What i think on my mind,is when the 1F and 1M is pretty sure,may be something like a gang (like they said) or a “stalker” we can say,and everytime he sleeps,they or the stalker just goes in his backyard. And we may be do thinking that this might be “one” person who makes some spirits,like those ppl that makes spirits with there mask,as in like making a demon grow to existence.and since i said about like ppl doing demon mask ppl who makes spirits,and what they did to him when he said “i dont remember recording it” it means the spirit that the “stalker” or “them” they summoned a spirit inside to his body. But i know these stories are fake,but sometimes magic still exist,not tryna click bait,but..thats what i really think about it.

  • Eric Rocha
    Eric Rocha

    I remember when bonskinny had a actual tik tok account

  • Honoria

    Bye the way Lauren...even though the snow had dissappeared, i just checked his tiktok page and it is happening all over again but with sticks and twigs and stuff. Check his TikTok page

  • William Morris
    William Morris

    I'm so crrep out 😵☹️

  • Ťhè ģaçhà ģañg
    Ťhè ģaçhà ģañg

    if we are not aloud to watch it why did u sent it in youtube so we can see it

  • Irishdoggyboo

    I’m taking myself because I’m trying to comfort myself because I have anxiety and I’m watching this and that is already goes ding ding ding every time I hear someone screaming or something scary

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    Controlled by a demon

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    Me wishing my elexa would work

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    🙏 god help me I love you all my friends and I are Crishton

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    It’s was my dog chase in’s a roach

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    Some is knocking on my door I am not joking ppl 😭😭😭

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    🥲 yay for deth

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    More tt that are evil befor this happened there was a ad for tt

  • Jennaboo1827 Duran
    Jennaboo1827 Duran

    If yall live in the snow and something says 1f or however many females and males be scared and call the police immediately

  • Baker The Exploring Irken
    Baker The Exploring Irken

    Do you remember the elevator lady who went missing in a hotel or something? well not rn but like some years ago the water tasted bad in the hotel and her dead body was floating there and somebody had to put her in there.

  • HeyItsMei

    Just wanna say that croses upsidown do not mean the devil or demon

    • HeyItsMei

      If ur religiouse u will know what i mean

  • Exotic Pancakes 2077
    Exotic Pancakes 2077


  • Amanda Johnson
    Amanda Johnson

    i cant like i have to sign up and im a kid

  • Sleepy Sheep 닏데
    Sleepy Sheep 닏데

    Knitted son was probably making a friend.

  • Megan McCarthy
    Megan McCarthy

    Her backround is normally purple but when she dose something scary it’s red

  • Sunflower Studios 🌻
    Sunflower Studios 🌻

    Omg- the Im If is so.. clever ngl-

  • Elizabeth Dickey
    Elizabeth Dickey

    Omgoodness ikr

  • 🤍lilly🤍

    No one: Me: 👁👄👁 how does she not get scared from these

  • Rosalia Rivera
    Rosalia Rivera

    Hes not lieing it happened to me :/ I ended up going insane EVERY SNOW DEMON I BROKE THE AND THEY KEEP COMEIN

  • Rosalia Rivera
    Rosalia Rivera

    Did you see the back....

  • Cheeseball Gacha
    Cheeseball Gacha

    I get the middle/last one! The knitted person that I forgot the name of, left the note "Sorry mommy!" Correct? And the needle covered in red? And we get his pov with him holding the needle. With a person. And I think it ends there. He stabbed her sister. More evidence? Her sister went missing, then her sister did. Ngl im proud of what I put together

  • Forever Rain
    Forever Rain

    Get me somebody's Merkel demon portal you summon a demon

  • Lily Carnie
    Lily Carnie


  • malag hassan
    malag hassan


  • Rylee Barker
    Rylee Barker

    Me watching this even though i get terrified easily and have trust issues and anxiety😀

  • Some account..😗
    Some account..😗

    hella creepy

  • Riri W
    Riri W

    I started to watch this then the lights went out

  • Moon _Møøñ
    Moon _Møøñ

    A police didn't buy anything except founded the teddy bear who was the child who's holding a teddy bear so they find anything but they went back my parents went back to my home in tasted like normal but I said there's something wrong with the basement in there are confused so they have to check in a basement but they were no hole just a teddy bear and a weird door in DayZ playing UZmatch put that door is said to me but I said no so when I was at night I was so creeped out so I have to sleep but I feel like someone is holding my head so I trying to not wake up after when I wake up no one was here so I sleep in after when I wake up up and it was dinner time but I still feel like someone it's singing in the basement can I have to check it with my dad my dad was holding a flashlight to not let me scare because there was no light at the basement it was super dark and till we found a knife

  • Moon _Møøñ
    Moon _Møøñ

    please help we call the carbs because we catch a women at our own house I'm so scared and I her a knock and I didn't eat even open the door so I have to call the police but after when I check in the window it was a woman with a creepy child with a teddy bear in its keep knocking at the door in after he smashed the door in the starts thing is so I have to hide before the police come but then I can't lucky because the police are ready come but find a woman I told him it was at or house but but when they check in a basement they said there's is a hole at my basement I am so scared please help!!

  • ChickenNuggetKingdom

    Meanwhile me kicking over children’s snow sculptures not realizing that one snowmen with red spray paint

  • Deadly moon 09
    Deadly moon 09

    Litrally the title HAUNTED TikTok (you should never watch) Lauren: I’m gonna watch them :)

  • if your a grape i love to eat grapes
    if your a grape i love to eat grapes

    Im glad it doesn’t snow we’re I am rn

  • Red

    This was from three weeks ago! Lauren please make a video on this man, he is still going

  • Red


  • Shameel Preston
    Shameel Preston


  • Tobbias Day
    Tobbias Day

    He should move out

  • oxoloq

    This just reminded me how earlier my light started flickering- let me just say I ran out of their so fast- Edit: I also came back and the light was still working and didn’t flicker again sooo-

  • kadycub gacha
    kadycub gacha

    So one time me and my bros where on hulu.we were scrolling thru all of a sudden we see the creepiest face on the movie "the hug" It's like a Mickey mouse like creature

  • Ana Maria
    Ana Maria

    Food curling

  • uwuwuwuwu

    Omg the evil Karen spray painted his snow and the crosses she hates the church 1like = 1 save for him to save him for the evil Karen

  • Rachael owns this channel
    Rachael owns this channel

    Lordvirr's pfp is just **mwah**

  • Jenna Whittle
    Jenna Whittle

    How to make holy water :) Step 1: put water in a pot 💧 Step 2: turn the stove on 🔥 Step 3: put the pot on the stove 💧🔥 Lastly step 4: BOIL THE H3LL PUT OF IT ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 Now you are safe from all the spirits, demons and other evil ghosts 😁


    hey marth 22 is my birthday

  • Jabby A
    Jabby A

    Lauren: has youtube ever recomended you a youtube channel that has sent you down a deep deep rabbit hole? Me: yeah your channel.

  • Phroggy

    I found him on my fyp, theres another in the woods NOT in the snow

  • Randy Gammad
    Randy Gammad

    wfh wfh wfh wfh wfh

  • ItzHoney_HazYT

    Pls do more! I love the scare.


    Monsters: you can’t defeat me. Me: I know, but he can. *My blanket*

    • Mc venti
      Mc venti


  • Sophia Walton
    Sophia Walton

    It's art class at his house lol

  • miley cleasby
    miley cleasby

    I just watched a vid on Ralph the rabbit look it up its terrible. When you said rabbit hole i got bad thoughts 😔

  • Just Sayori
    Just Sayori

    Did some research about the first one. It’s still going, but in the woods near their house. Built out of twigs. Also, possible the beginnings of a treehouse?

  • Olivia Bennett
    Olivia Bennett

    I just subscribed because I love your vids they are awsome

  • Teresarenee3

    If i was lauren i would of said that someone tried to build a cute photo thing and spilled a snow cone

  • Bella Sides
    Bella Sides

    I think the netted son killed the mom that's what the spray paint was blood and the creepy thing in the corner when he filmed was the mom being netted into so he won't be the only one

  • Stella Rase
    Stella Rase

    Oh no the "nited son" Pearson ... Chec the garage (0_0)

  • Allen Turpinu6 pokey time uo up
    Allen Turpinu6 pokey time uo up

    This foo

  • Aria Mcelwee
    Aria Mcelwee

    The ears was a cat and the snowmelted it somebody else made another tik tok reveling the truth

  • Rhonda Davis
    Rhonda Davis

    Me watching scary videos knowing I'm going to regret it

  • That_Thing_Lem

    If someone would make random creepy snowmans in my backyard I would probably act like a frickin psycho to scare em off, like take a bite out of the snowman while screaming and stuff. Or jump on it while yelling something dumb

  • Elainna and Myleigh
    Elainna and Myleigh

    Sorry it just is scary

  • Elainna and Myleigh
    Elainna and Myleigh


  • Elainna and Myleigh
    Elainna and Myleigh

    That’s cool

  • Elainna and Myleigh
    Elainna and Myleigh

    Oh no

  • Elainna and Myleigh
    Elainna and Myleigh

    Omg that so sad

  • Elainna and Myleigh
    Elainna and Myleigh


  • Elainna and Myleigh
    Elainna and Myleigh

    I hate demons

  • Elainna and Myleigh
    Elainna and Myleigh


  • SnowWolf_Gaming_YT

    The reason the eyes of the person were red at one point is because of the light of the phone reflects off the back of the eye the pupils are red when it bounces back into the phone lens, so really its just an annoying glitch of reality, don’t worry they will fix that bug in update 4.7

  • Elainna and Myleigh
    Elainna and Myleigh


  • Elainna and Myleigh
    Elainna and Myleigh

    Omg that’s so scary

  • Kawaii Gacha
    Kawaii Gacha

    Have you ever been hacked before and somone actually found your address and found the name of your dog and sister/brother and it was not your freinds or your siblings pranking you Cuz I have 😰 And hes still on me Please help Like to help Or please tell me what to do

  • rat

    im glad it doesnt snow where im from :)

  • Krystina Parham
    Krystina Parham

    You should do a 24-hour challenge with you only sleep inside one room and there's a bathroom connect to your room add a room that keeps you safe and warm try to do the I seen another UZmatchr

  • Lillian Taguinod
    Lillian Taguinod

    Part 2and3and4

  • Skylar Zook
    Skylar Zook

    @lordvirr posted a video about the snow monster on tiktok

  • Hi