Trying MORE Terrible Troom Troom Pregnancy LIFE HACKS
Being pregnant is rough, so thank goodness Troom Troom has more of these weird \u0026 terrible Life Hacks to get me through it... not really. Thank you Audible for sponsoring today's video! Visit or text laurenz to 500-500.

Trying Terrible Troom Troom Pregnancy LIFE HACKS:
Testing WEIRD Pregnancy Products:

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  • LaurenzSide

    Thank you Audible for sponsoring today's video! Visit or text laurenz to 500-500.

    • Dave Lpz
      Dave Lpz

      Hello Lauren i luv ur channel!i would like to say thank you for making me smile everyday and make me happy when im sad!

    • Roblox Fan {blocked}
      Roblox Fan {blocked}

      @Dawn Manns HOW ARE U SURE ITS A GIRL

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      Roblox Fan {blocked}

      @Linda O'Connell ikr

    • Roblox Fan {blocked}
      Roblox Fan {blocked}

      @Phelippa Ioanou lauren*/laurenZSide*

    • Roblox Fan {blocked}
      Roblox Fan {blocked}

      @Glitch Alpha Girl ok?????

  • EclipseLiya

    Ahh yes make him miserable

  • Regina G
    Regina G

    Please give my daughter a shout out today’s her birthday

  • Kandi kid parker
    Kandi kid parker

    If I had a nickle for every time Lauren covered Bobby in saran wrap because troom troom told her to I'd have 2 nickels, which isn't alot but it's weird that it happened twice right?

  • Crafting Hippo
    Crafting Hippo

    I was laying with my teddy bear and then she tried putting the diaper on the teddy bear and I was like “ PASTEL YOUR ON LAURENS CHANNEL!!!”

  • ●Squishy~Cotton●

    to me it looks like cut of oranges put into milk

  • PiperGibson _Creepypasta
    PiperGibson _Creepypasta

    Everyone: She's huge 😳 Me: DAYM BOI SHE THIC Lauren:*thinks: lord help me*

  • Maddie Mew Mew
    Maddie Mew Mew

    I'm 13 and I already know how to put diapers on a baby. Because *I* went to babysitting class! 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • inese zvirble
    inese zvirble


  • So Calvin
    So Calvin

    Btw, this girl eats baranky, it's a kind of pretzels, slavic ones. People usually eat them with tea. Nobody eats them like this, it's just an... Irony, idk. %)

  • Danielle Guanlao
    Danielle Guanlao

    how old r u

  • ComfyDuck

    The cereal is the Cinnamon Toast Crunch churros cereal

  • Ellie Kotarski
    Ellie Kotarski

    P o op y

  • Florida Mike
    Florida Mike

    You know how they say that the baby can hear you inside the stomach? I like to imagine the baby is hearing all this and thinking, "Aw, crap, they're UZmatchrs." XD

  • Hmm Ravenclaw
    Hmm Ravenclaw

    Normal couples: dates, picnics, romantic candlelit nights. Lauren and Bobby: "Bobby, you're doing these Troom Troom things with me and you can't say no!"

  • Curious Tv
    Curious Tv

    No it not

  • Sumer Marlowe
    Sumer Marlowe

    i like how im 11 and i have known how to put a diper on since i was 3 (I have 5 siblings abt to be 6 soon)

  • ahil amlani
    ahil amlani

    Her daughter's name is Melody

  • Netanya Cash
    Netanya Cash

    Im watxhing them diaper stuffed animals and im having flash backs to the baby sitting course i did where they had us practice diapering on teddy bears

  • Khadija Salem
    Khadija Salem

    Lauren you don’t have to do that to ya husband😐😐😐😐😐

  • Denzil Chong
    Denzil Chong

    Oh troom troom is the best

  • (Melody) Melody Harman
    (Melody) Melody Harman

    I am younger than you and I know how to change a diaper

  • Hannah McCartt
    Hannah McCartt

    I love audible and Libby there really awesome

  • Anastasia Kim
    Anastasia Kim

    Man someday Lauren’s kid is gonna watch this and look at all the comments.

  • Lynn Smallwood
    Lynn Smallwood

    Bro me can't even carry my bff Lauren is pregnant carrying a leaf blower

  • Rylee Savinsky
    Rylee Savinsky

    So does that mean you will have the baby soon

  • SenpaiMeicoomon

    pillow world

  • Brandy Scharer
    Brandy Scharer


  • Lulu_TohPlayzXD

    i remember that tiktok from "pillow world"

  • Lennon The Gacha Wizard
    Lennon The Gacha Wizard

    My bird loves your videos so do I but that doesn’t make a good comment

  • derpyturtsIsthewurst

    Imagine you wake up one day and you say “screw it, ima just have some French fries.” You get the fries and sit next to your partner who doesn’t want these fries next to them. Instead of politely asking you to move, They leaf blow your French fries. *This isn’t normal*

  • Courtney Kin
    Courtney Kin

    15 weeks pregnant and dying right now

  • Jayden b
    Jayden b

    Literally just got a pregnancy ad wile watching 🤣

  • Ashlyn R side
    Ashlyn R side

    laure i love u sooooooooooooooooo much

  • Khroma TvT
    Khroma TvT

    ive only been at the hospital once in my whole 13 years of life. that was when i was born. thsts it

  • The Creative
    The Creative

    Lauren is wearing just the CUTEST shirt

  • Kiarah Cavins
    Kiarah Cavins

    😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲 WOW

  • Georgia Mentzer
    Georgia Mentzer

    i am 11 and i am better at putting diapers on real babies than you are at putting them on stuffed animals.

  • Susan Allen
    Susan Allen

    I am 8 and I no how to put a diaper on a baby

  • Stephanie Jilek
    Stephanie Jilek


  • Bekah Boyes
    Bekah Boyes

    Her: "Guys today is the last day I will be able to do Troom Troom pregnancy life hacks." Me: For now...

  • stupdasso

    Me at 16:what did you do when you where preganto with me?

    • stupdasso

      My mom: why?!? Are you!? Me: yes macaroni bebe

  • Andrew Kaewno
    Andrew Kaewno

    I think I have to grab my headphones while watching this video, at first hack?

  • star Jones
    star Jones

    I don't know if I'm right or wrong but I think the cereal is called Cinnamon toast crunch

  • Corneliazonebox.

    Me: now Bobby know how it feels to be pregnant 😂

  • Cassandra Brewer
    Cassandra Brewer

    did you now that they are doggy diapers that I pot on my new puppy

  • Surf Pickle
    Surf Pickle

    Me looking at the thumbnail be like: so you put your baby in a watermelon?😂

  • depressed girl
    depressed girl

    This just made me realise I first bathed and changed a baby's diaper when I was 12.

  • Hiba Nadama
    Hiba Nadama

    Iets funky

  • nurse.s4kur4

    imagine what it’d be like walking into kindergarten and telling everyone your mom is laurenzside *shed be the most popular kid in school*

    • Jeri Rasmussen
      Jeri Rasmussen

      5 year old are not watching laurenzside

  • Kitty Roid
    Kitty Roid

    In all my relatively limited exploration of UZmatch and its Tubers, the amount of times I've regularly watched a married UZmatchr can be counted on one hand. Moreover, I've only _once_ watched a UZmatchr (Safiya Nygaard, who's a lot like you) whose spouse was involved in the videos even infrequently. I don't consider Daniel LaBelle's wife to count because he just uploads his TickTock shorts. It's _your_ channel. _You're_ the UZmatchr. Nonetheless, Bobby is actively involved in your videos. Whether the plan from the start was to involve him, he inserts himself into the video, or he merely cooperates with having his life controlled while you live like your sim (that takes a special kind of husband and marriage. Not many spouses would tolerate that), he's an active presence. And he's FUN!! Best UZmatchr spouse ever! Ya'll are a UZmatch power couple, and it's an unexpressable joy for me to watch ya'll. 💜💍💞

  • Maria Elizah Ines
    Maria Elizah Ines

    ERU! GPE? TER🤷‍♀️

  • bron0990 bron0990
    bron0990 bron0990

    Ik this is random but i was drinking my water and it tasted like lemon and armpit sweat


    yus༼ ༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ༽


    so sad

  • Cookie & guinea pig
    Cookie & guinea pig

    will you still be doing you tube all your life

  • Stephen kholhring7777
    Stephen kholhring7777


  • Stephen kholhring7777
    Stephen kholhring7777


  • Jakayla Zombie
    Jakayla Zombie

    Oikawa's fav food is milk bread so does that mean (⌐■_■)

  • Farm Kids
    Farm Kids

    Lauren’s kid- Mom can I have some watermelon Lauren- have I ever told you about what happened to your dad (Watches this video) Lauren’s kid- WHAT THE HEAK!! WHY

  • Its_meee


  • ••

    LaurenzSide"im giant":( Me: "Uh..EXCUSE ME?! You do not look giant you pretty and glorious ✨ and you look like a 23 year old to well in my opinion"

  • Lilia Ferrari
    Lilia Ferrari

    lauren I keep watching your pregnancy videos and youtube keeps giving me pregnancy test ads.

  • animation T.A.P.
    animation T.A.P.

    OMG the BBC has just created a series of the pact you might want to watch it on UZmatch

  • xxblackstarss

    Bobby eating chips. Lauren: UNHEALTHY

  • Olivia Redmond
    Olivia Redmond

    This was posed the day before my birthday

  • upset sisters
    upset sisters

    yes it is a cereal

  • upset sisters
    upset sisters


  • Debra -
    Debra -

    I forgot that not everyone knows how to change a diaper😂

  • Mare Bear
    Mare Bear

    Legend says Lauren is still in pillow world to this very day...

  • TJ Sings
    TJ Sings

    It’s so freaking cold in my house

  • Strawberry_Lemonade

    *living alive thriving alive reviving alive*

  • Angel_ Devilx
    Angel_ Devilx

    you post on my BIRTHDAYYYYY my birthday is on apirl 17th

  • alien

    Me nope not ready

  • Aria Aggrey
    Aria Aggrey

    your the qeen

  • Imapotato ._.
    Imapotato ._.

    My dad has that same vest and it is 40 pounds he needs it for his job because he needs to get back in shap because he only works in spring fall and summer

  • Scarlett stephens
    Scarlett stephens

    congrats to lauren and melody

  • Ruby Foden
    Ruby Foden

    It’s not really that hard to clean and put the diaper on a baby!

  • Scrill100

    Do I sense Danganronpa in those words of “Courtroom Mysteries”?

  • A N I M E - F B I
    A N I M E - F B I


  • Koda Bear
    Koda Bear

    it is peaches

  • Emma Pilling
    Emma Pilling

    Emma pilling

  • Mia DiPaola
    Mia DiPaola

    First toilet paper now chips why

  • Silver Famaly
    Silver Famaly

    Hi Lauren you are one of my favorite UZmatchrs yo have inspired me to be one myself I really hope your pregnancy goes well and thank you ok u for everything

  • Katrina Hawley
    Katrina Hawley

    Child birth is heck Lauren BE PREPARED

    • Katrina Hawley
      Katrina Hawley


  • Annmarie Jenkins
    Annmarie Jenkins

    The diapers are more like corsets

  • Kiara Willis
    Kiara Willis

    Good luck I am a big fan please say hi I wish you have an amazing child

  • Misty Archer
    Misty Archer

    I can't wait for baby z side

  • Angel Green
    Angel Green

    I have that same bear!

  • TrxeAbbi

    ask the person to move to a different room with their chips🚫 Blow their chips away with a leaf blower ✅

  • Ahtziry Reta Ruiz
    Ahtziry Reta Ruiz


  • Eternity Love
    Eternity Love

    the cereal thing is bannana baby melter cookies

  • Horse LOVER !!!!!!!!!!!
    Horse LOVER !!!!!!!!!!!

    I can’t believe Bobby still has the pregnancy Mellon on!?!

  • Ciara Davis
    Ciara Davis

    Laurens Kid at school: "My parents are politicians!" "My parents are doctors!" Laurens kid: Laurens Kid: "My parents do Troom Troom life hacks

    • Mal I like food
      Mal I like food

      When its 6 30 in the morning and u see this 😂 im trying not to laugh cus all my family are asleep

  • Katelyn Hughes
    Katelyn Hughes

    Did anyone else catch the 'this pregnancy' at the end? ...

  • harper and addi
    harper and addi

    hear after the baby came!

  • //tottaly not luna\\
    //tottaly not luna\\

    Everybody: aww lauren is getting a kid! Me: i know What ya did last summer😃😫😏

  • Sophie Maher
    Sophie Maher


  • xQueenz Audiozx
    xQueenz Audiozx

    Laurens baby bump is beautiful😌💅🏻

  • Deirdre McDonald
    Deirdre McDonald

    Wait you don’t go to sleep?