I Tried ODDLY SATISFYING App Games ...But They Gave Me Anxiety
Today I try out some more Oddly Satisfying Apps again that I found on the App Store's TOP gaming charts \u0026 hope to be... Satisfying Stress Relief Games, Repair Art, RubberBand Cutting, ASMR Slicing \u0026 Car Tire Crushing.

Playing More Oddly Satisfying Apps
I Tried More ODDLY SATISFYING App Games: uzmatch.info/it/mNNxmaK-yLNvyGY/video
Trying ODDLY SATISFYING Apps: uzmatch.info/it/k7Gus5_e16ew36E/video

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  • Lexi Doughtyyg.houpupyyicty,jhjjhlkjjujjjhg
    Lexi Doughtyyg.houpupyyicty,jhjjhlkjjujjjhg

    Lexi‘s UZmatch

  • Audrey The Dotty Lizard
    Audrey The Dotty Lizard

    Omg I saw an add for jelly dye with ur vid in it u we’re like oh so satisfying and then they showed the other games lol

  • Xinyue ZHANG
    Xinyue ZHANG

    Lauren: pasta is bread, it is carbs Me: sooo…. potatoes are bread as well?

  • シᑕᗩTᕼᗴᖇIᑎᗴ꧂

    Me: so the bomb explosion 💥 was an ad?

  • Lakeitha becton
    Lakeitha becton

    Lauren: I don't regret anythingi didn't cut the baby beavers face of

  • ✿:・。Twig 。・: ✿
    ✿:・。Twig 。・: ✿

    “If your looking for something else soothing to watch why not click on one f thEeEeEese videos” *horror game* me: uh- *horror reaction* me again: yep soothing😀

  • depressed girl
    depressed girl

    "My body is ready for the squishy balls!" - Lauren, 2021

  • depressed girl
    depressed girl

    "I'm gonna cut this duck's face off!" - Laurenzside, 2021

  • PlanswithLaura M
    PlanswithLaura M

    My fav girl I love your videos 😍😍

  • Jessica Heath
    Jessica Heath

    "CHAINSAWING....... THE LETTER I!" LaurenzSide 2021

  • Tahereh Ahmadi
    Tahereh Ahmadi


  • Tahereh Ahmadi
    Tahereh Ahmadi


  • Tahereh Ahmadi
    Tahereh Ahmadi


  • Tahereh Ahmadi
    Tahereh Ahmadi


  • Tahereh Ahmadi
    Tahereh Ahmadi


  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson

    Lauren: just kidding idk if these are satisfying or not *pointing to the 2 videos suggested* UZmatch: *suggests Lauren watching scary videos on tiktok* Me: ah yes very relaxing 🤦‍♀️

  • excellent gamer101
    excellent gamer101

    Your just like me I love purple love 🍞 I love cutting shit you know🥰

  • Elly Sumang
    Elly Sumang

    try the antistress game

  • Sweet berry new account
    Sweet berry new account

    Lauren the pooping thing is actually a pop it you can buy is there are all different kinds of colors and shapes

  • Snowy Cold
    Snowy Cold

    Lauren:look at his face he’s so excited! Him (looks like a demon)

  • Miku

    No one: Lauren: “you know what does not give me anxiety........KNIFES! Edit 1: :>

  • *Miduo*

    An ad came up as soon as the bomb blew up lol

  • Its Rosie playz0
    Its Rosie playz0

    Traumatised Lauren moments:"I shaved the baby's face off..."

  • { coconut milk }
    { coconut milk }

    "Namaste" Not even 1 second ago "CUT OPEN A SQUIRL" *Lauren 2021-*

  • Sabrina Gaming
    Sabrina Gaming

    When the bomb exploded I got an ad I was funny 😂😂😂

  • Lasiyama Mamun
    Lasiyama Mamun

    When the bomb exploded I got an ad of a Kit Kat breaking

  • G⃦a⃦l⃦a⃦x⃦y⃦ D⃦r⃦e⃦a⃦m⃦z⃦
    G⃦a⃦l⃦a⃦x⃦y⃦ D⃦r⃦e⃦a⃦m⃦z⃦

    Bomb: *explodes* UZmatch: *gives me ad* Me*laughing*

  • Stephanie Mitchell
    Stephanie Mitchell

    FaceTime bubble wrap in its name to pop it and you can get one in real lifeYou’re playing with the Mangus care part of the Mangus

  • Stephanie Mitchell
    Stephanie Mitchell

    FaceTime bubble wrap in its name to pop it and you can get one in real lifeYou’re playing with the Mangus care part of the Mango’s

  • Anyah’s Creative World
    Anyah’s Creative World

    Lauren: does this have a baby in this? No it doesn’t I’m glad I murdered it >:) 2021 Lauren zside

  • autumn l
    autumn l

    Lauren: "Cut the green wires. ... What happens if I don't? 😈" *explo-* *ad*

  • Victor Borrero
    Victor Borrero

    I'm watching during a storm a seriously bad storm

  • lha224


  • Ash Dark
    Ash Dark

    Hi can I apply Z relaxing app weird games

  • Ash Dark
    Ash Dark

    KNIFE’S!!!!!!! YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!

  • Roblox Girl
    Roblox Girl

    What 💙💙

  • Ethan Brenton
    Ethan Brenton

    Love it when ads come at the right time, casually watching Lauren on the diffusing the bomb level and as soon as she cut the yellow wire, the explosion popped up for a split second then cut straight to an ad that had chilled music that sounded like music u would hear when a channel goes on standby 😂

  • Gillian Natale
    Gillian Natale


  • rpmoorecos

    “Chainsawing the… THE LETTER I” Lauren 2021

  • BlueBerry BB
    BlueBerry BB

    The among us thing was a pop it

  • Josephine DeLeon
    Josephine DeLeon

    “We had noodles and now we have knives.” Laurenzside 2021

    • [**EEVEE EXTRAS**] or something
      [**EEVEE EXTRAS**] or something


    • depressed girl
      depressed girl


    • Kristin Garcia Vasquez
      Kristin Garcia Vasquez


    • Sabrina Gaming
      Sabrina Gaming


  • Kimberly and Jeff Roach
    Kimberly and Jeff Roach

    Wen I saw this video one of my favorite songs played

  • Shari O'Kane
    Shari O'Kane

    Can you take away insomnia?

  • •エイバ -ちゃん•
    •エイバ -ちゃん•

    I was very satisfied at 6:28 when the bomb exploded at the same time I got a ad then when the ad was done my UZmatch crashed. Very satisfying ✋😌

  • Brownie_ Gacha
    Brownie_ Gacha


    • °Luxe._. llxma°
      °Luxe._. llxma°

      OHH MA GAWDD!!!

  • Michael Clogg
    Michael Clogg

    “We’re gonna cut this ducks face of oooo”. My new fav song 🤣

  • Zap 6610
    Zap 6610

    When you realize this was posted on ur Birthday: 👁👄👁

  • mamta devali
    mamta devali

    Gloom should play that poping thing

  • Latisha Mongan
    Latisha Mongan

    Me not Believe in the word Lauren cutting squirrels open cutting the world Me that’s her

  • e m i l y
    e m i l y

    i have a 48 pack and big abs af. like if u agree

  • Unicorn Kitty
    Unicorn Kitty

    Lauren: “It’s like bubble rap; YOU CAN POP IT FOREVER!!!” Me: (checks date to see if this was before pop-it popularity)

  • Jennifer Bowden
    Jennifer Bowden

    thank u laurenzside by the way im 8

  • Jaz R
    Jaz R

    The intro made lauren sound like a serial killer in the making 😬😬


    Lauren! You NEED to watch resin creation videos!

  • Moody_Møon

    I feel so satisfied XD

  • LovelyMari

    NATIONAL vvvvv

  • May June
    May June

    On one of the ads it showed Lauren playing a game did she actually sponsor it

  • I say that cause I moisturize
    I say that cause I moisturize


  • madeleen Galaxy
    madeleen Galaxy


  • madeleen Galaxy
    madeleen Galaxy

    Plz do pk xd

  • Glynis Odell
    Glynis Odell

    “Like Cheese!”

  • Cynthia Lara
    Cynthia Lara

    Lauren you know there’s a Roblox game that has pop it’s in it

  • Janes lane
    Janes lane

    Lauren: does this one have a baby inside Lauren’s baby: yes in your stomach also can I have air I can’t breath in here

  • Kaytlyn Cole
    Kaytlyn Cole

    Melody hid from your mom or she will shave off your face

  • Christy R
    Christy R

    You literally save the babies head off

  • Aariz and Arisha’s Videos
    Aariz and Arisha’s Videos

    Hello how are you I’m under the water please help me you’re waiting too long Brrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Cora Christerson
    Cora Christerson

    i just stubbed my toe really hard and now this is distracting me from the pain and throbbing :)

  • LemonGoddess

    I know all the comments are saying this but I got serious flashbacks when she said "good I hate bath bombs"

  • Sopaji Jejejw
    Sopaji Jejejw

    Why Lauren seaside you those are real so you can get

  • Lil Kitten
    Lil Kitten

    Nah imma play minecraft peace Lauren!


    Me and lauren share an interest in knives... what has yuri done to us?


    happy pride month lauren :D

  • mayra castillo
    mayra castillo


  • Charlotte Banister
    Charlotte Banister

    Cliks video: IS THAT A CROSOINT?! ( Sorry for bad spelling )

  • Kennedy Newnom
    Kennedy Newnom

    The among us things are puppets and you can get them off Amazon I would recommend one

  • Anne Hainey
    Anne Hainey

    Lauren: My body is ready for the squishy balls Me: what🤔😃😭

  • Anne Hainey
    Anne Hainey

    Lauren: HUGEEEEE BOBA TEA BALLSS me: what 😳

  • nun of your bisnis
    nun of your bisnis

    Its my berth day!!!!!!!!

  • Martha Carlisle
    Martha Carlisle

    Chainsaw 😐

  • MzDonDiva2sweet

    Do u know where coryxkenshin is plZ miss him 😞😭

  • 【Dyhana Nguyen】
    【Dyhana Nguyen】

    Well your wrong I didn’t even read the title I just like your videos and watch them lol

  • Tia Gigger
    Tia Gigger


  • [ Izzzllpop ]
    [ Izzzllpop ]

    “Chainsawing the letter I” I have been exposed of what’s happening to my life ;-; If you don’t get It the first letter of my name is I and a lot of things we were supposed to do in life have been canceled

  • Glowingbuttponie

    I shaved the baby’s head of oof

  • Aleksandar Aleksandrov
    Aleksandar Aleksandrov

    Like I'm sure your friend dad coool

  • Hatty Quinn
    Hatty Quinn

    Does Lauren Z side not know what a pop it is??!!!!!!! You do you know you can buy that in real life the popping thing right??????

  • Rock Bottom
    Rock Bottom

    Hey Lauren I have watched ur videos for three years and no matter how boring I think the video will be they are hilarious I hope u, Dexter, and Bobby are doing great have a nice day

  • Carla Rakich-Euken
    Carla Rakich-Euken

    Download block puzzle

  • Jan Kidd
    Jan Kidd

    I just love Lauren and KNIFES

  • •iamNøt_Minty•

    *iam here from experiencing discomfort from a gacha heat video 😃🔫 Ty lauren you saved me*

    • •iamNøt_Minty•

      @Daydream_ Co0kie132 😌✋

    • Daydream_ Co0kie132
      Daydream_ Co0kie132

      Yo I feel you

  • Milky Way galaxy
    Milky Way galaxy

    Lauren:does this have a baby inside Also Lauren:No😡 Btw Lauren I love you and ya vids

  • Crystal-lee Hull
    Crystal-lee Hull

    Hey Lauren popping saying I don’t know where the real you get those so I recommend looking at stores to try and get that it’s real cold pop it

  • Lillian Clowser
    Lillian Clowser

    6:03 I think Lauren has some William issues...

  • Chris Land
    Chris Land


  • Samantha Wilson
    Samantha Wilson

    Lauren no more talking about knives how about you stay away from knife games for a while till you cool the knife talk

  • Samantha Wilson
    Samantha Wilson

    8:36 Lauren that is like the final paint in a paint bucket that you would peel off after you finish using it

  • Samantha Wilson
    Samantha Wilson

    The only reason I clicked on this video is not cuz I was stressed it was cuz I was bored

  • Courtney Underwood
    Courtney Underwood

    I think Lauren is scard for life with bath bombs If you know you know

  • Courtney Underwood
    Courtney Underwood

    Lauren's intro to the vid was phenomenal and chefs kiss 👌

  • Jennifer Pennifer
    Jennifer Pennifer

    Lauren:" The link will be *Dramatic pause* Below......" XDDD