I Tried To Win By Blaming My Pregnancy on the NEW Airship Among Us Map
Playing Among Us but I became the Impostor my FIRST TIME playing the new airship map \u0026 tried to blame everything on my pregnant brain \u0026 confusion to win! I played with LDShadowlady, Smajor, Joey Graceffa, Shubble, Strawburry17, TheOrionSound \u0026 AntVenom.

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  • Alaina driver
    Alaina driver

    Joey: it's elaina. Me for a split second: HAH? Oh... Phew.

  • Ella Miller
    Ella Miller

    “Ew these burgers are disgusting! Hi joe! Want me to make you a burger?”😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Sloth Cloud
    Sloth Cloud

    Lauren: Ally is the only persib i feel comfortable murdering (KILLS ALLY) Lauren: YES! I have SUCSEEDED MY TASK!!!

  • Lexy _33
    Lexy _33

    2:00 joey at the bottom

  • Danny Schexnayder
    Danny Schexnayder

    I just noticed this was a couple days before my 🎂

  • Adéla Poláková
    Adéla Poláková

    11:36 ✨ shower Killer strikes again !✨

  • Adéla Poláková
    Adéla Poláková

    8:41 ✨you nakie ✨

  • Libby

    OOOOoOOh a ShOWeR

  • Jayden Jdalmed
    Jayden Jdalmed


  • marie.

    Oml I was so confused by the title. She was blaming her pregnancy while she was on the new airship. I thought it said she blamed her pregnancy on the airship like it was the airships fault-

  • Cloe Dingman
    Cloe Dingman

    Social experiment time!!! 69 69 NOICE

  • Princess Sammy
    Princess Sammy

    Juicy looks like an elmers glue stick 😂

  • Cat and Neko gacha and more
    Cat and Neko gacha and more

    2 years ago I was dumb I knew nobody good then I saw lauren

  • I’m Madz
    I’m Madz

    Maddie and Lizzie are basically twins they sound exactly the same

  • Seren K
    Seren K

    Lauren - I did all my tasks yay! Also Lauren - * dies straight after * ahhh

  • Abby's Gacha Gaming
    Abby's Gacha Gaming

    This video is how you get your future child to become a very very naughty person

  • Curt Naus
    Curt Naus


  • AL Wams
    AL Wams

    Red is Jesus without the je

  • Kawaii Kid
    Kawaii Kid

    Lauren: *kills juicy in the shower* Also Lauren: “hehehe 😈 shower killer strikes again!” I’m crying 🤣

  • Silverblaze

    9yr old Melody be like… Wow mom. Waaaaaaoooooww. Sure, blame it misfortunes on ME when I’m not even capable of doing anything.

  • Lexi Lexi
    Lexi Lexi

    Lauren: hey Joey want me to make a burger? I'M ACTUALLY DYING 😂😂😂

  • - Storm The Poké-Fox -
    - Storm The Poké-Fox -

    Among us unicorn

  • Marina Brindle
    Marina Brindle

    Imagine if your kid watches this

  • lucky Duck
    lucky Duck

    Lauren once said (2021): "I'm just gonna explore the map and say I was just exploring the map" 1000 IQ

  • Aisxu



    Lauren: I want to kill him. Me: Lauren it's creepy when you open the bathroom doors with the loud sound STOPPP

  • Mlp Equestria girls Lover
    Mlp Equestria girls Lover

    He he lol. You choose my favourite color, hat and pet. Which is: 1. Purple 2. Unicorn Hat. 3. Mini Crewmate. Thanks Lauren.

  • Lee

    funny happy

  • Insane Gacha Dog
    Insane Gacha Dog

    When your not paying attention to the vid and Lauren says your name me “what now”

  • Maya oliver
    Maya oliver


  • Xx_Artzi_xX

    Lizzie don’t do it! Lizzie don’t do it! Oh thank go- MADDIE DONT DO IT!!!

  • James Gould
    James Gould

    What's amongst

  • N0T Unicorn
    N0T Unicorn

    Lauren: I did all my tasks! Also Lauren: *gets murdered*

  • unknownchan

    I hate the new airship map

  • craftycat 5
    craftycat 5

    Oh no

  • Janet Atkins
    Janet Atkins

    lol I love how Lauren does her evil laugh when she kills people!!! XD XD XD

  • Danielle

    I know what that map is called it's the airplane map from haystakman and that is pretty cool

  • Vesna Siljanovska Kavtanoska
    Vesna Siljanovska Kavtanoska

    Lauren z side can we play amungus

  • ℍ𝕒𝕡𝕡𝕪𝔻𝕠𝕘𝕘𝕠

    Lauren: GO MADDIE GO GO MADDIE GO ah oli

  • Simp


  • Stacie Castaneda-Ban
    Stacie Castaneda-Ban

    you so pregnant

  • • Pastelly Pxns •
    • Pastelly Pxns •

  • ecc012

    Hi Lauren it's my son Jensons 10th birthday on 2nd May, he loves watching your videos all the time on UZmatch. He has autism and struggles to socialise with people in person so gaming and UZmatch mean so much to him. It would mean the world to him and me if you could wish him happy birthday either on here or in your next video. If everyone could like this so we can make this happen would be so cool!

  • Zoey Arkus
    Zoey Arkus

    AMONG US TIP: If you're imposter and no one is voting you, vote yourself so they think you have Jester and don't vote you out ;) (this is only for mods because Jester is in it)

  • Leah Jameson
    Leah Jameson

    Mangus is my favorite game

  • xNxghtm7re43

    “oooo there’s lemon watER how refreshing!”

  • Angie Myers
    Angie Myers

    Lauren is gonna be the best mom ever I’m so exited to see the new baby girl!!

  • Rachel Johnson
    Rachel Johnson

    Her name is not Lauren its shower killer

  • Sophia Taylor
    Sophia Taylor

    I watch joey's channel

  • Amelia Hughes
    Amelia Hughes

    in 2 days after this i bet you $60 dollers that lauren's husben isgoing to watch this and hear lauren say"i was watching you take a shower scott

  • Binkie'sWorld


  • Giselle Alonso
    Giselle Alonso

    I haven't played among us for like 2 or 1 month but I miss it and the fact they added a new map-

  • Mac

    “I ACHIEVED MY TASK!” me when I get out of pillow world

  • The Young Artist
    The Young Artist

    15:08 Lauren’s water bottle is see through lol

  • Isabelle Wyatt
    Isabelle Wyatt

    OMG hi Lauren I LOVE you vids

  • Rosestar of RoseClan
    Rosestar of RoseClan

    The same thing happened to me! I didn't realize I was going into the Airship instead of the Skeld, and I got imposter on my first round.

  • glittercat

    She's 8 months *_PEGᵆNTE_*

  • Amy Aldous
    Amy Aldous


  • ami ami
    ami ami

    lauren you can go down laddesr

  • Libby Gilbert
    Libby Gilbert

    I love how lauren is Always so sad when she left joey on the shortcut

  • Seren Banks
    Seren Banks

    please name ur child Seren

  • Alaina Harris
    Alaina Harris

    Scott: it's Lauren and Elana. Me: it isn't me😣

  • Alaina Harris
    Alaina Harris


  • DarkDoesYtVideos TwT
    DarkDoesYtVideos TwT

    i understand why lizzie said oli was doing all the killing now.-15:06

  • Cursed Rose
    Cursed Rose

    SaSsY jOeY

  • Avryl Ay
    Avryl Ay

    Me sees ant is also the imposter in the first round. Me omg I am so sorry ant!

  • melxdiq dooms
    melxdiq dooms


  • melxdiq dooms
    melxdiq dooms


  • Khyler Behrens
    Khyler Behrens


  • ~Ølimpia's_Ūñiverse~

    Laurenzside I updated the new among us update and it says via-Email to access...i tried my emails but I only have one. I used it and it didn't accept my email. I started to get very confused because idk where I can find the via E-mail. Now I cant play among us. I wanted to ask u for adive on what to do (please DON'T tell me ur info thats personal to u) I just need to know how to access the via email so I could play with my friends like you. I ask for advice from u because ur my favorite yt since the beginning of ur channel. Thank you for coming to my comments. Pls tell me how to find the via E-Mail. Thank u 🥺

  • jjdarwin306


  • ayla qasim
    ayla qasim

    You know whats missing ? Gloom

  • Lighttreemynameinamongus

    I always do airship on my phone

  • Aya Giron
    Aya Giron

    WHY OLI WHY LAREN IS 9 moth pregers

  • Rami Haj
    Rami Haj

    I never knew she was pregnant

  • Yuna Vixella
    Yuna Vixella

    "Shower Killer strikes again" -Lauren 2021

  • Yuna Vixella
    Yuna Vixella

    Before watching this I got a among us ad what a coincidence.

  • Iridescent Immy
    Iridescent Immy

    Lizzie / Ldshadowlady❤️❤️🥺🥺

  • LilCloudy

    'im gonna be a shower killer HEHEEHE'

  • pandi northrop
    pandi northrop

    M .p ..

  • Duck lips
    Duck lips


  • Caramel_Tea

    i just tricken realized... ONLY ONE MORE MONTH AND THEN WE MEET A CHILD

  • TomandShana Crane
    TomandShana Crane

    “The ruple, the ruby-dube” Me: BINGO!

  • Hannah Rozon
    Hannah Rozon

    ShEs 8 MoNtHs PrEgNaNt

  • Traivon's World
    Traivon's World

    Lauren, your next among us idea should be that you try to be someone's hero and like make sacrifices to save lives.

  • Aesthetically Dead
    Aesthetically Dead

    Every time she gets imposter she should pretend to not know that shes unmuted and say “oooo I’m a crew mate 🐸”

  • Unicornbella M
    Unicornbella M

    “Lizzie don’t do it!” “Oh thank God” “MADDIE DONT DO IT!”

  • ҳɛŋơცıą ツ
    ҳɛŋơცıą ツ

    When Lauren baby looks at this I- AHHA

  • Rob Levin
    Rob Levin

    Your videos are the best!!!!!!

  • Anfie


  • Jade tra
    Jade tra

    I knew it was actually Oli cause that would be a big plot twist lmao And Liz pushed on him to get the sus off him and then let herself get voted out so they knew it was her so it couldn’t be Oli And Oli pushed because he knew she got caught Lmao I’m rambling XD But Liz and Oli big brain play I respect lmao

  • Darlene Younger
    Darlene Younger

    Lauren : Oh did I finish all my tasks OH I did :) Elaina : Kills lauren.....

  • Gabriella Makram
    Gabriella Makram

    Noice 👌

  • Norah Varadas
    Norah Varadas

    omg love your vids

  • Greatest Dreams Studio
    Greatest Dreams Studio

    “Lizzie don’t do it”. Me: LIZZIE, THINK ABOUT JOEL. DON’T DIE ON US.

  • _.dreamer_artz._

    Lauren in the kitchen when she is the imp: THIS IS GOING TO BE A DISASTER! Me in the kitchen irl: this is going to be a disaster! The toast is gonna burnnnn nooooooo!

  • Rain Fall
    Rain Fall

    Wish I could play but I can't even make an account

  • C Garcia
    C Garcia

    Lauren always sounds so sus when she's imposter. XD

  • iRobits

    dont leap dont do noooooo

  • Mustakim Khandakar
    Mustakim Khandakar