I Tried App Games That Simulate TikTok Art Trends ...Except I Have No Talent
Found some Art app games on the top app charts that simulate popular Tik Tok art trends like rice art, mirror cakes, doll cakes \u0026 diamond painting.

Trying ART Apps to Feel Like Moriah Elizabeth Except I Have No Talent: uzmatch.info/it/yNuGm5mpz8Or3n8/video

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  • Priti Guhilot
    Priti Guhilot

    I have the dimond painting ASMR game.

  • Crazy Krew Kids
    Crazy Krew Kids

    You okay Lauren

  • Mr.YouEatFOOD

    Aaa now you love green???

  • Isaac Pleitz
    Isaac Pleitz

    No one: Legit no one: LaureZside: Time to play some mobile games.

  • animal lover
    animal lover

    Hi I have a diamond painting game for jou it is called cross stitch please trust me it is a really good game and also I love your content so much thank you so much for sharing jour journey being a parent aswell.

  • EJ Pepin
    EJ Pepin

    You can buy the diamond thing by looking up paintings with diamonds on amazon. my mom does them all the time and ive tried them and in real life, it is very tedious and time consuming but it still is relaxing and it pays off.

  • Ayla Toothman
    Ayla Toothman

    Diamond painting takes a month to finish you can buy some on Amazon

  • *Miduo*

    I have diamond art at home but I was too lazy to finish mine

  • minachu_

    14:25 *heat waves start playing*

  • Candy made animations
    Candy made animations

    “Am I the only one I LOVE THE SOUNDS” You are really not the only one

  • the nO
    the nO

    お義ヴェうp音ティdでぃt i dont know.what im even saying

  • _moon_

    That title is pretty relatable ngl...

  • Alastell Mc
    Alastell Mc

    11223344556677889900 liks

  • Gabriella Braddock
    Gabriella Braddock

    Me doing diamond art right now and I got I it from hobby lobby

  • Elinor Bickley
    Elinor Bickley

    Lauren you can get diamond painting sets off Amazon.

  • Emma Houghton
    Emma Houghton

    On tic tok

  • Emma Houghton
    Emma Houghton

    I did a dog hat with Jewel and a phone case and a butterfly I will tag you in it

  • Fox TheGalaxyGamer
    Fox TheGalaxyGamer

    Me being under the age of 18 and accomplishing more art just irl than Lauren combined irl and in apps XD


    this video is making me hungry 😂

  • cherries world with friends
    cherries world with friends

    I miss your baking videos ☹

  • Ava Wilson
    Ava Wilson

    I'm doing a diamond art painting right now....sheeeeeessshhh


    but if you want it hard then you want it to be easy now right idk

  • Jpete1122

    It is called diamond painting on Amazon

  • Alexis Mitchell
    Alexis Mitchell

    I have that doinmen dot it is cats

  • Jamilah Muhammad
    Jamilah Muhammad

    When you got 2,020 that's 2020

  • Denki Kaminari
    Denki Kaminari

    if you'd like to do some diamond painting, there is a really nice brand called diamonddotz. They have a bunch of different pictures and they're generally really good quality. lots of relaxing fun!

  • Conman10 Spiderman
    Conman10 Spiderman

    I like diamond painting on

  • Ashlynn yandl
    Ashlynn yandl

    You can get diamond art/diamond paintings on amazon

  • Rebecca Shores
    Rebecca Shores

    All you have to do to get diamond painting… is search “diamond painting” on ANY shopping website you’re on

  • Yovnne May
    Yovnne May

    Oh stop being picky my sister has that game and she thinks it's fine so stop being picky

  • Spiritual Potato
    Spiritual Potato

    How do I say this... Lauren, *I did the first one irl when I was 7, its not a tiktok thing*

  • Zoey's Watching videos
    Zoey's Watching videos

    Lauren:ITS BEAUTIFUL!!! Me:I think you mean bootiful that's how hoomans say bootiful from macaroni virus these days


    Diamond painting is so fun!!! Me and my ex- best friend had been doing a butterfly!

  • Leanna Kirgiz
    Leanna Kirgiz

    My sister actually does diamond art and she does so many of them and sometimes I do it with her and it’s really relaxing

  • Sophia Suleiman
    Sophia Suleiman

    Is Lauren daid or not

  • Luis Lopez
    Luis Lopez

    Well I'm not early but I see all comments

  • -Hitogo-Kun

    Lauren. We’re going to make a bloody Mary cake Me.what the heck

  • Sammie Mattson
    Sammie Mattson

    It doesn’t really make that sound enough to push like really really really hard

  • Sammie Mattson
    Sammie Mattson

    I’m seven years old and I already did crystal art with my grandma and it turned out really pretty

  • Jeffery The Porg
    Jeffery The Porg

    So what did we learn today? Me: PUT STRAWBERRIES EVERYWHERE

  • ILove BrussleSprouts
    ILove BrussleSprouts

    She should try Sandbox it's a really fun and satisfying pixel art game

  • Six

    I have one of those diamond asmr painting- *things-* I've attempted santa. Yes, santa. And oh boy i'm in for a treat 6 months later.

  • SweetDog Muffin
    SweetDog Muffin

    The diminpanting: i sill make you board and you will never be able to put three on at once! Me: i hate time! This takes so long! The first one took me what felt like a year but, it didn’t and im on my second or third Nd am nolonger motavatid

  • ugh !!
    ugh !!

    im ordering diamond painting (ordering on romwe

  • Donde' Wiltcher
    Donde' Wiltcher

    *Lauren* oh my god I’m soooooo talented

  • SimplyPumkin

    when lauren laughs a laugh

  • Mike Lucas
    Mike Lucas


  • Mike Lucas
    Mike Lucas

    I have every single game in this video and rise art i got baby yoya

  • Tute S ahmad
    Tute S ahmad

    Hi Lauren can you do a satisfying video 😎

  • Jess Preston
    Jess Preston

    I’m in the middle of doing one it’s an owl it’s kind of confusing you have to peel those plastic sides of a squishy pink piece and then you stab it and pick it Up from the tray and there’s also another plastic thing over the actual piece you’re gonna want to keep that to cover it and the bags will say 123 and going up and then there’s going to be like this little side bar double tell you 1 looks like this shape

  • Jyoti Sinha
    Jyoti Sinha

    "She never got a head" -- Laurenzside 2021

  • xxx peter
    xxx peter


  • xxx peter
    xxx peter

    Can you send that person had skin colour pants not all people have the same skin colour

  • Nikola Horáková
    Nikola Horáková


  • Boryana Pavlova
    Boryana Pavlova

    If you know I have one of these but actually it's not in the game it's real it's literally real and it's on a crap it's a cat my aunt to give it to me my aunt got it for me and I love it and because two more two more that she's going to do and I love her so much

  • Adriana Alvarez
    Adriana Alvarez

    I had the game mirror cakes before but I deleted it because I didn’t really like it

  • Paula McAllister
    Paula McAllister

    I'll finish that for you oooooooo I'm blinded by the light .

  • Hannah Naughton
    Hannah Naughton

    I'm going to pretend like I don't have a whole collection of diamond paintings

  • Zuzu_Uzumaki

    On amazon you can find a small diamond painting

  • Olive

    12:52 you can see a weird face xd

  • Jason Richards
    Jason Richards

    I’m glad you play this game it’s one of my favorite games do you like it

  • Thia Elvestad
    Thia Elvestad

    You learnt strawberries I really cute to people😯😯😯

  • Melissa Abercrombie
    Melissa Abercrombie

    I have one of those it’s so hard to do it

  • C. Beijerbacht
    C. Beijerbacht

    Trust my daimond painting is really noice i am 13 and i made all the Disney Princesses with it and i am doing bunnys and flowers and more

  • Lariyah Wess
    Lariyah Wess

    Why is coloring in the lines only satesfying i think its because you know your doing it perfectly probelby

  • Lona Whitmarsh
    Lona Whitmarsh

    Lauren you NEED to play cheerleader run 3D. PLEASE do it in a weird app games where you try app games that shout NOT exist. Please use this idea Lauren it would mean the WORLD to me if you did. ilysm💜

  • ꧁*Himiko Yumeno*꧂
    ꧁*Himiko Yumeno*꧂

    Oooh watching this video I should finish my diamond painting-

  • Gamer sniper
    Gamer sniper

    I have that game it is so nice

  • mislynn77

    I have a diamond panting. I am not done yet

  • Lylah Orsatelli
    Lylah Orsatelli

    My sister and I have that in real life I barely even do it

  • • S u n s e t D r e a m e r •
    • S u n s e t D r e a m e r •

    I’ve been working on diamond art it’s taking forever though

  • KaiazzieZ Spy ninja
    KaiazzieZ Spy ninja

    For me diamond art is actually really stressful and it’s hard to get those ASMR like sounds I’ve done tons of diamond art in the past and they are way harder than the people on TickTock make it look I know for some people it’s easy and relaxing but for me it makes me feel stressed because what if I put the wrong color in the wrong spot and then can’t move it and some of the diamond art things that I do don’t have the same color next to each other anywhere

  • anthony jaszewski
    anthony jaszewski

    I play diamond painting asmr

  • Sky

    Can we see da baby :0

  • Harp F
    Harp F


  • Jenny Xox
    Jenny Xox

    Go on Amazon and look up Diamond Art. Make sure to look at the reviews

  • Nathan McRae
    Nathan McRae

    I diamond painted since I was 5 I'm 9 now (4 years!!!!!)

  • Gracie Games
    Gracie Games

    What did we learn today? That people LOVE strawberry hairs

  • Hope Crawford
    Hope Crawford

    I have been obsessed with doing Dimond art it is so relaxing, fun and rewarding

  • pieter king
    pieter king

    my mom;;dont play with your food me makes miror cake;;oops

  • pieter king
    pieter king

    im a dimond pianter I do dat

  • Joie Yang
    Joie Yang

    All of my diamond art is only one stick thingy so you can’t do like four at once

  • Emily Dougherty
    Emily Dougherty

    “oooo the final piece the final piece .. AUGHAO 1:40

  • Toppat101k

    I play Diamond Painting

  • mochi♡

    Diamonds painting takes A LOT and i man *A LOT* of patience because it takes forever! So if you dont have that much patience then it isnt for you

  • Sirena Larrad
    Sirena Larrad

    When a kid never comes out of her galaxy phase: Lauren

  • Ayla Sutherland
    Ayla Sutherland

    my mum made me to Diamond art paintings

  • Sydwolfie

    Try pixel art if you want one by one art

  • PandaPlayz7798

    is baby born?

  • Elle S
    Elle S


  • Caroline- Louise
    Caroline- Louise

    My friend: who’s your favorite UZmatchr? Me: LaurenZSide. My friend: I’ve never heard of that beauty guru. 💄 Me: well...😅

  • famoiyhate

    i love that game

  • Keira Hurley
    Keira Hurley

    You can order diamond panting on Amazon just search diamond panting and the have a lot of different thing I have some of them and they are really fun to do

  • •Inky_Afton•

    Good to know she doesnt look super tired being a mom-

  • Caleb Keller
    Caleb Keller

    I have diamond art

  • Longshot Perkins
    Longshot Perkins

    I got A ad for TikTok when watching this 😂

  • Sky Smith
    Sky Smith

    Doing this in real life is so hard

    • Sky Smith
      Sky Smith

      I mean the diamond painting

  • DKBK Shipper
    DKBK Shipper

    OMG!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Loujine Moussa
    Loujine Moussa

    I saw an ad that was like "My nana plays this game, even my cat Thomas. My girlfriend in obsessed with this game and she will leave me if i didnt play the game"

  • Phoebe Brooks
    Phoebe Brooks

    I have that game

6 mln
6 mln