You'll Want To Buy EVERYTHING In This Video
Today I'm Reacting to all of the things I've wanted to buy because of TikTok. Tik Tok made me buy it now I'm going to make all of you buy it so we can go broke together!

Items In Video That I Could Find on Amazon:
Laser Keyboard:
Holographic Window:
Frozen Fruit Ice Cream:
Portable Projector:
Roller Skate Shoes:
Popcorn Microwave Maker:
Round Lights:
Toilet Light:
Lucky Charms Candle:
Laying Down Glasses:
ATM bank:
Ice Cream Ball:
Rainbow Bath Bomb:
Bag Sealer:
Holographic Bag:

100 Bath Bomb Challenge GONE WRONG (We FLOODED Our House \u0026 Cost THOUSANDS in Damage):

Things I Learned On Tik Tok:
Reacting to BREAD Tik Toks:


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  • Britt K
    Britt K

    If you haven't already bought it, the YoNaNa (ice cream maker) is AMAZING! We got it as a wedding shower gift and I love it :)

  • bigsley623


  • Krista Bluke
    Krista Bluke

    Ur pregment

  • luna_ oofed
    luna_ oofed

    Im insane to



  • gaiya davis
    gaiya davis

    My mom got the ice cream ball 5 years ago and it does work but i have to roll it around a alot

  • {Sara_Midnight_2002}

    The one where it lights up the way oh my god when i wake up and no one is awake just me and my dog are i go the the bathroom with the lights on so i take 30 mins to fall ba asleep.

  • Jazlin Pantoja
    Jazlin Pantoja

    “we can all go broke together!!” me: you can’t go broke when your already broke-.

  • Slotsunken!


  • Laura Nicol Garcia Huitron
    Laura Nicol Garcia Huitron

    I’m sooo poor now☹️😆😆😆

  • Jacklyn Cobb
    Jacklyn Cobb

    Also make a new buying things from tik tok video.

  • Jesemy tigeress
    Jesemy tigeress


  • Strawberry Sakura
    Strawberry Sakura

    I’m already broke so I guess that I’ll be broke broke. Yaaaaayyyy!😊

  • K Gamez
    K Gamez

    I saw the frist one on tic tok I want that

  • Ghofran Ali
    Ghofran Ali

    I have the window rainbow Think I think it’s really cool and it makes it really pretty

  • ii_Cloudy Hearts
    ii_Cloudy Hearts

    Lauren: Leave a like if you want me to buy it Me: *checks likes* Me After checking likes: … You buyin that thing someday judging on the people who liked

  • Tom Laverty
    Tom Laverty

    i nead thos show

  • Maddie Mew Mew
    Maddie Mew Mew

    I would get that fake window thing and then go over to lean on it.

  • Madeline Weiss
    Madeline Weiss

    This video just proves that this is gonna be the best frickin rebound summer in the history of the world. I hope that is mentioned in the history books students will read.

  • Jenna Gage
    Jenna Gage

    I will buy 14/25 of these. I NEED THEM!

  • Liv Official
    Liv Official

    Can you do a part 2 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I LOVE THIS STUFF

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf

    If you what that car you might what a car that is we’re I live it a Galaxy car it a lot more cooler 🌌

  • FathLove

    Many I want bred

  • Elle Taylor
    Elle Taylor

    I have 20 dollars to spend.

  • I have a Lumity OBSESSION
    I have a Lumity OBSESSION

    Ah yes, the........ ..... *incident*

  • ʀaռɖօʍ ʀօɮʟҡx
    ʀaռɖօʍ ʀօɮʟҡx

    Dont get the purse its a rip off the holographic one doesnt even light up its a scam

  • Galaxy End
    Galaxy End

    I am going to get the holographic window I am so glad I saw this video it will go great with room thx ☺️

  • balantis adramanis
    balantis adramanis

    I'll of them

  • Joan Shippey
    Joan Shippey


  • Sofia Kouvaris
    Sofia Kouvaris

    me realizing i have all the same stuff saved

  • Lazy_xdaisy

    I want the shoes until I saw that they cost $98

    • Lazy_xdaisy

      @Booknerd 6000 they are in the description there is a link to the Amazon page

    • Booknerd 6000
      Booknerd 6000

      Do you know what they're called?

  • Arielle Ferchland
    Arielle Ferchland

    Happy birthday Lauren 🎂🎁❣️

  • happyface


  • Jenn and Drew Fegen
    Jenn and Drew Fegen

    no i am not going to bye because my trecsf

  • Izzy

    How DARE you *link* them! Love this lol

  • Linda Whitman
    Linda Whitman

    Lauren: leave a like if I should buy the window projector 108,000 people: *like*

  • W!ngz

    7:00 My family has had that for a couple Christmases now

  • King Tauron
    King Tauron

    Yeah this year instead of my family getting me gifts my mom let me choose my presents so yeah do that

  • Mini Wolfsbane
    Mini Wolfsbane

    4:40 is some hunger games/Star Trek shiz. I thought it was real at first!! I have a window, but do want because cool. Too bad it's not customizable. (I'd then want to wake up to Gambit (X-Men) or Chris Pratt's face every morning. (sigh)) I don't need the toilet light, but I know someone who does. (Got them 2 lights already, but tore off the first, lost it, and didn't change the batteries on the other one because I'm afraid my Wonder Woman strength will ruin the other wall like the first light did.) PLEASE everyone be careful with candles! Wax melts are so much safer! Candles cause probably hundreds of fires and human/animal deaths every year! Edit: OMG!!!! That chip bag sealer is the thing I've been waiting for my whole life. We're always losing the clips for chip bags and my (someone) cannot open a bag of anything right. they tears into it, it's awful. PERFECT for the cookies that don't have re-sealers.

  • Zoey Smith
    Zoey Smith

    I have the holographic window sheets in my room

  • Shaelyn O'Rourke
    Shaelyn O'Rourke

    Havent even wached video:wants to by everything

  • SiSi Pink Queen
    SiSi Pink Queen

    My mom bought the popcorn maker, it works so well! Whenever we watch a movie, we get some delicious popcorn from it!! My friend also has the pink keyboard. OMG, when she showed me it, I was blown away from the cuteness!!! Your channel is the best, and I love Melody!!! I just watched the video of you showing Melody, and she is the cutest!!!

  • Leafy

    I want the pink keyboard soooo bad---BUT I DONT NEED IT-LaURen WHy Did YoU dO tHiS To mE

  • Catalina Marrero
    Catalina Marrero

    i found the roller shoes for only $42.53!

  • Tiffany Rose
    Tiffany Rose

    Her I need the holographic window later I need a window projector because I have no windows

  • apanda201

    It’s like there huge orbs

  • apanda201

    Thought you had the kid

  • Toni Tasso
    Toni Tasso

    Me I will only spend 20$ Me go’s broke 👁👄👁

  • Sophia Coulstring
    Sophia Coulstring

    wait when that one lady said ''avatar the movie'' did she mean avatar the last airbender movie (which is terrible in my opion btw) or the avatar movie ( the blue people )


    My brother just got helleys

  • Sophia Pugliese
    Sophia Pugliese

    I would get the toilet light but I'm just terrified of the dark so it would be useless. if you want an example after I use the bathroom at night and turn the lights off, I run to my room like if I were a race or something.

  • Ella.b’s World
    Ella.b’s World

    I had something like that

  • Edie Wurr
    Edie Wurr

    GET THE PROJECTOR! i hav one, its so small and works so well outside. its great

  • I’m a lesbian 🙄🤥 hate if u wanna 🙄
    I’m a lesbian 🙄🤥 hate if u wanna 🙄

    I’m probably gonna get the soft serve maker FAKE WINDOW YESSSSSSSSSS

  • Brenda Hammond
    Brenda Hammond

    i need every thing


    I want to buy that unicorn the one that's with the cars yeah I'm going to buy that👁️👄👁️

  • Villlian deku
    Villlian deku

    Lauren there is a projector phone case

  • NasaKat

    I have the popcorn pot and its amazing

  • RedCat Lyra
    RedCat Lyra

    I have a few of the geometrical, rainbow bags

  • FuntimeBunBun Playz
    FuntimeBunBun Playz

    Me who has a case similar to that iPad case but have no iPad: *w o t* Also- the webcam covers are interesting. I must hunt the internet for them since I could use it on my tablet and my laptop.

  • GamingBoii

    my cousin has the first item

  • Boom POP!
    Boom POP!

    Pop Corn be like who wants popcorn now it’s been pop by this game

  • Ross Heartfilia
    Ross Heartfilia

    Hi Lauren I brought the skate shoes let's just say there so much fun thanks for showing me and making me spend my money

  • Purple Tiger
    Purple Tiger

    How many times am I gonna think Lauren was pregnant

  • Jauna Howe
    Jauna Howe

    Laurenzside you're going to actually lyrical because you can't even pay your light bill you can't even get food is going to ask you to regret it😦

  • Veah Lynn
    Veah Lynn

    2:36 It is summer Nvm prerecorded lol

  • Alexis Dawn
    Alexis Dawn

    I have the laser keyboard and can confirm it works, but you need like a flat surface with no design on it otherwise it will mess it up, at least in my experience.

  • Espeon Dreams
    Espeon Dreams

    My mum has the bag right before the end, and sadly, it doesn't do what the video shows. It just kind of goes a really dark purple, and that's it 😵

  • Greyson Bain
    Greyson Bain

    lauren: it's for the kids............... when it secretly for me

  • Mia Moore
    Mia Moore

    7:06 I have it, i got it for free from a starnger cleaning his garage and it comes with free cernols

  • Angela Yepes
    Angela Yepes

    I have heeleys

  • Angella isabel daddy izzy VanDerBosch
    Angella isabel daddy izzy VanDerBosch

    Get the windo one!

  • Nessa Mac
    Nessa Mac

    You should use the little soft surf Ice cream maker so your baby could eat like vegetables even when she has no teeth!😎🤔

  • Lemongamer

    I love the car so much a couple of days ago I saw this sparkly car so it was rainbow but with black sparkles so when you walk around it it sparkles the rainbow

  • Laur 818
    Laur 818

    So with the ice cream maker... Safia and Tyler did a livestream testing it. In preparation for it they ordered another one and Amazon sent them a knock off that does not work as well.

  • MsSmile300

    Just a heads up Colleen Ballinger bought and tested the ice cream making ball and it didn't work.

  • Maya the dying shrek horse
    Maya the dying shrek horse

    I already have the window holographic stuff it works so well-

  • Roblox barf
    Roblox barf

    Lauren: these windows in my office just have blinds because privacy and because if someone somehow looked in and saw the OFFICE setup they’ll recognize it so I need that window rainbow cover because no one can see inside the windows-Lauren a few minutes later-: this office has no windows xD so ya -----bTW no Hate I just thought that was funny

    • Canada

      I think this is her room for filming and then they have a diffrent room where the do editing and stuff

  • Kiarra sohma
    Kiarra sohma

    We have 2 of those microwave popcorn bowl things, ones just a bigger version & they're amazing

  • Angel Lee
    Angel Lee


  • Angel Lee
    Angel Lee

    Need it all 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘

  • Angel Lee
    Angel Lee

    🤩 wow 😂😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • SnowLily

    Im on a vacation right now but when I'm back I am gonna get the ice cream maker

  • Cleo Walker
    Cleo Walker

    I was watching this on TV and I literally type this in so I could go where the links were below.😁😁😁My WALLAT will be crying 😭 regret nope .🙃😃

  • Classic frisk From undertale
    Classic frisk From undertale

    “And go broke together!” Me: welp- im already broke Lauren

  • Jason Forsberg
    Jason Forsberg

    Lauren:ii want it I can put it there- Me:A WHOLE NEW WOOORRRRLD Lauren:I NEEED IT!!!! Me: *runs into wall to give Olaf a high five* a magic place I've. Never seeeen! it looks like the ER 👁👄👁


    Hey Lauren I want you to react to a UZmatch channel named babybus please

  • DeannaMarie

    I have a wallet like that holographic bag. It’s still really pretty when you’re out and about. When it’s sunny it’s not as bright as when you have your camera and flash, but it still gets a little rainbow.

  • Amy G
    Amy G

    I hv heelys and I haven’t worn them in forever cuz of covid 😭

  • Amy G
    Amy G

    My dad bought a projector and we put it in our basement 😌

  • Amy G
    Amy G

    Me: I want it. Mom says I don’t get it

  • Keisha Alana
    Keisha Alana

    k k o k ok is so cool just cool

  • Glowing Butterfly
    Glowing Butterfly

    14:24 you’ll never have to worry about we’re you’re snack clips are. Well now you have to worry about that thingy is.

  • Leah's wacky channel
    Leah's wacky channel

    My friend calls you theee Purple girl💜🟣

  • Meishi Su Padilla
    Meishi Su Padilla


  • Morne de Jager
    Morne de Jager

    Go treat your self girl 😇🥰

  • XxLonely_CloudsxX

    For Christmas I really want to computer but my family couldn’t afford it so they got me the Bluetooth color changing keyboard and the case and I don’t even think it’s that cool to be honest LOL that’s just my opinion and also the keyboard breaks easily and The case will not protect your tablet at all

  • Nightshade_The _Dragon
    Nightshade_The _Dragon

    If I spot you in person I might say hi or something but not if you don’t want me to XD you don’t have to worry to much about it

  • XxAestheticxX

    Lauren: Lets be broke together! *Me who only has 40 something dollars* Uh.. Im broke so- 'v'

  • Mvelo zamani Ziqubu
    Mvelo zamani Ziqubu

    Me: I need to get that My account:😭🙏 plz nooooo Me:it's been 3 months and I'm happy to get this Account:I'm empty idiot😠😡👿