I Tried App Games That Remind Me... BEING A GIRL IS WEIRD
Today I try out some weird Girls Games that I found on the App Store's TOP gaming charts \u0026 learned I'm a "Baddie" with High Heels!, Bounce Big, Nail Woman, Pole Dance! \u0026 Shoe Race.

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  • KittyPlays Roblox
    KittyPlays Roblox

    How to be a baddie grrr

  • shania andrianintsoa
    shania andrianintsoa

    8:10 Lauren: Give me your love yes give me, ok this sounds really weird actually Me the whole time: *laughing like I'm about to die on the floor*

  • antixsocial

    the fact that i had a high heels ad when the video ended and i ALREADY HAVE THE APP-

  • Bunny queen ÙwÚ
    Bunny queen ÙwÚ

    Why are those games for 4 year olds

  • Rylee Barker
    Rylee Barker

    We are running from homophobic and racist men, we also stab them 😊

  • Rylee Barker
    Rylee Barker

    I played the high heels game for two days and unlocked everything😐

  • Coco

    Okay- I saw this game called Anime High School Girl Life 3d, I haven’t played it but it looks like the free app game of yandere simulator…. Idk but maybe it would be fun… or realllyyyyy weird.

  • ShawShaw 🌺
    ShawShaw 🌺

    0:40 :high heels Nail woman : 5:09 Pole Dance!: 7:36 Bounce Big: 9:41 Bonus: 11:36

  • Twinstar Xiong
    Twinstar Xiong

    She's weird but funny and nice

  • {Diana Cutez}
    {Diana Cutez}

    Lauren: Am I a baddie? Me: No.

  • ThatCoralineGirl13

    Can you make a pregnancy Playlist on yt with your pregnancy videos?

  • Gracie's Corner Miller
    Gracie's Corner Miller

    love your vids

  • Gracie's Corner Miller
    Gracie's Corner Miller


  • Aeress Turnland
    Aeress Turnland

    Get you I am a girl and it’s so hard

  • {Diamond Crystal}
    {Diamond Crystal}

    Just in a few months shes gonna become an ad.

  • The Fat Mexican
    The Fat Mexican

    I. Have. This. Ad. Of. HIGH. Heels

  • Stephanie Chua
    Stephanie Chua

    I have high heels i done sooooo many levels

  • Stella Hernandez
    Stella Hernandez

    Pole dance is for 4 years +🤨

  • Gacha_RedFox

    Title: I tried apps that remind me being a girl is weird Me: no girls aren’t weird the people who make it are weird Like are they out of their mind?? Making weird things like this 😐

  • Super Sophia's World
    Super Sophia's World

    I have that game after a while it starts getting boring

  • Sxgar_blssm

    No one: Not a single soul: Not even dexter: Lauren: she is beauty she is grace...... Me: she will punch you in the face!

  • butterfly

    am I the only one just looking at Lauren hair ?

  • Veda Dharamsey
    Veda Dharamsey

    Your not a baddie

  • AnAn AnAn
    AnAn AnAn

    I played high Heels and I’m already in the high-level

  • Reinaldo Almeida
    Reinaldo Almeida

    I got a high heels add in the start of the video :')

  • XxKillaHeadxX

    I had the high heel ad before the video and after the video ;-;

  • Guadalupe Chavez
    Guadalupe Chavez

    "Am I a..BAD-E?"-LaurenzSide 2021

  • Daren Bengan
    Daren Bengan

    I played high hels and nail woman

  • Abby Foster
    Abby Foster

    Are you pregnant

  • Haylie Fuhrmann
    Haylie Fuhrmann


  • IAmCieraYT

    Lol "the expectations of being a teen to" don't forget the teens!!! God I mean I play soccer with ppl that are older than me and then like I dress like a tomboy then ppl are like ....... umm idc anyway but I love ur videos I started watching them today I wish I would of found this 2 years ago!!!

  • Adley G
    Adley G

    Please play Acrylic Nails

  • gacha vlog shifter
    gacha vlog shifter

    I’m just a kid 😭😰😥😓

  • Crissie Murray
    Crissie Murray

    "sometimes your nails get so long you gotta be careful not to stab people" i have felt this- used to be a nailbiter so still hurting myself with the long nails all the time

  • Julie Powell
    Julie Powell

    I love your hair

  • Jilly Bean4Real
    Jilly Bean4Real

    I have high heel!s and I'm on leval 185

  • SmoothieGuy

    When Lauren said: “being a girl is so hard weird” her face got weird

  • ThosePenguinoz

    Omg it is dat

  • Elena Zamora
    Elena Zamora

    Being a girl is hard I CAN’T EVEN DO A SPLIT

  • Ryen Brooks
    Ryen Brooks

    It's laddy

  • Sandy Handle
    Sandy Handle


  • David Toliver
    David Toliver

    When I watch ur vids I feel weird

  • potato pie
    potato pie

    And the first one when she fell I almost felt pain

  • Doughnut_catZed Bubble
    Doughnut_catZed Bubble

    Me at level 100 getting this excited about walking in heals still

  • Your Local Trans Trashcan
    Your Local Trans Trashcan

    "The Booty is strong with this one" -Laruen 2021

  • Iefe Jenner
    Iefe Jenner

    11:21 we dont discriminate BASED ON GENDER that’s the best

  • ngsg 123
    ngsg 123

    When watch lollipoops it’s scary

  • Angelica rivera de mendoza
    Angelica rivera de mendoza

    Your so good at games

  • Angelica rivera de mendoza
    Angelica rivera de mendoza


  • Tiffany Sautter
    Tiffany Sautter

    Laurenz Can you play all of da games on your phonee in one video PLSSS and also i like your hair color its very pretty 🙂🤩

  • janniethaarup1

    Im a Big fan

  • janniethaarup1

    Can you do more roblox?

  • Katelynn Nielsen
    Katelynn Nielsen

    I love high heels also do not know which level I am on

  • 🖤CherryBlossom🖤

    1:54 Lauren's face

  • •peachy_ studios•
    •peachy_ studios•

    But no cap im on level 860 of high heels and im not sure if im mentally stable anymore

  • Zari Madrid
    Zari Madrid

    Can u PLS play hidethetest :D

  • Rose west
    Rose west

    What the f***

  • Zee Evans
    Zee Evans

    I found these games ._. excuse me as I go jump off a roof

  • Aubrey Wood
    Aubrey Wood

    I have all of those games on my phone

  • Lao Vien
    Lao Vien

    I Love your voice my name is Amila🤓🤓🤓💖💗💓💖💖✌️

  • Gacha fun
    Gacha fun

    Yo u stared high heels! and I got a ad for it

  • Boyfriend FNF
    Boyfriend FNF

    0:30 . Pause it on there and see her face LOL!

  • Rhainee

    It's funny how the high heel game is the thumbnail and the ad i got is the high heel game too🤣

  • v44tvd

    Next Lauren’s gonna say that my butie is a cutie…………… Lauren: this game is cursed. Me: ur channel is cursed women

  • Fun with Presley
    Fun with Presley

    Children are all who dying

  • Lemon Demon lover
    Lemon Demon lover

    I got an ad for high heels(the app) and a video maker

  • shea h
    shea h

    This is when she gose back to the foudige and thinks to herself wtf was i doing


    Omg the nail woman scared me

  • brooklynn's life of fun
    brooklynn's life of fun

    Why is the pole dance game and bounce big and Shoe race for 4 and up- (I think everything was 4+-

  • Smiley  makes stories and vids 😊
    Smiley makes stories and vids 😊

    The first part though the first part lol

  • leslie cabrera
    leslie cabrera


  • leslie cabrera
    leslie cabrera

    i love your hair

  • remiguald

    I JUST SAW AN YT AD OF HIGH HEELS SAYING "Taller you are more men you get" XD

  • rainbowfrost gam
    rainbowfrost gam

    might be late but your vids is all i consider good luck on your others

  • Aria Kassab
    Aria Kassab


  • gaming siblings
    gaming siblings

    Lauren: dangle legs the captions am reading: long rags me: hahah

  • It’s me Tiffany
    It’s me Tiffany

    We are alll baddies!!!

  • claire

    High heels is good!

  • Alex


  • starecrown

    When i was seeing the add high heels i saw "high heels ad" how tf am i rare-

  • LLLama_lionOwO

    “She’s beauty she’s grace”,she has a picture of her favourite plate.” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • LLLama_lionOwO

    On high heels I’m actually over level 200🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 but it’s abandoned now

  • leslie cabrera
    leslie cabrera


  • Fana Yordanova
    Fana Yordanova

    Hey you playing the game what I play high heels yay I'm happy 🥺♥️😀

  • Lemon Tea X
    Lemon Tea X

    3:30 I have the app and that's the character that I have on the app XD

  • Webb Family
    Webb Family

    she is beauty she is grace-she got a profile picture of an anime lauren's face

  • Webb Family
    Webb Family

    lightly LIGHTLY

  • Webb Family
    Webb Family

    am i a BADDIE

  • Dark Wolf
    Dark Wolf

    Uhh is it weird that I already have High Heels

  • Idk why I created this
    Idk why I created this

    1:31 high heels is advertised on this vid

  • Bakugo


  • noah isaac
    noah isaac

    “don’t discriminate BASED. ON. GENDER.” okay she’s the man 👏👏👏

  • Emelia Robinson
    Emelia Robinson

    It is hard 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Emelia Robinson
    Emelia Robinson

    I am 👩🏽

  • vien2880 vien2880
    vien2880 vien2880

    Did anyone realize that the pole dance game is 4+ JUST WHY

  • vien2880 vien2880
    vien2880 vien2880

    I literally got an add for the high heels game then it immediately showed part of the video with you playing that game I think it knows what I’m watching

  • samaira saxena
    samaira saxena

    now i want to play these games

  • Alexa the Alexa
    Alexa the Alexa

    i literally got an ad for high heels.

  • Fire

    Lauren’s new catch phrase: Are you ready for the best game EVER? This runway is epic this game is for the baddies sorry if I got it wrong I forgot)

  • Buffy Faulkner
    Buffy Faulkner

    Lauren: shes beauty shes grace. me: SHE HAS A PROFILE PICTURE OF AN ANIME GIRLS FACE

6 mln
6 mln