Pregnant Woman Reacts to Good Pregnant vs Bad Pregnant ​...Umm WHAT?
Today I'm Reacting to the Good Pregnant vs Bad Pregnant trend that Troom Troom does. Even though none of these pregnancy situations are actually relatable or true...

Check Out Troom Troom:


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  • Widya Suherman
    Widya Suherman

    2:33 "Barbara" Genshin community: You have summoned us.

  • Allie Johnson
    Allie Johnson

    I want french fries now

  • Mxllfoy

    Now you have baby

  • •Sleepy Bish•
    •Sleepy Bish•

    Lauren: what am I watching Me: your watching pregnant people who need therapy instead of a baby

  • Victoria Kennedy
    Victoria Kennedy

    That is funny hahahahahah WHAT AM I WATCHING

  • jeff walker
    jeff walker

    Weirdo girl:*sniffs tire* Lauren:what am I watching? Me:SAME GIRL SAME I FEEL YOU GIRL Did you know you clicked read more😏

  • # love ❤️ tangle,mangle and lolbit
    # love ❤️ tangle,mangle and lolbit

    I like the smell of tires

  • Eternal Banana
    Eternal Banana

    I have a question, how do you wash that troom troom diy t shirt with those prick nails around?

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    ꧁ Tabi Gledhill ꧂

    Poor baby

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    Snowy dolls

    We can tell where getting old

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    Ice_wolf -v-


  • °•☆Genevieve Gacha☆•°
    °•☆Genevieve Gacha☆•°

    ...Umm WHAT?

  • living life with Kim
    living life with Kim

    The babe is so cute

  • living life with Kim
    living life with Kim

    The baby is so cu5

  • Bella Ethez
    Bella Ethez

    I love fris from McDonald's but I don't like hamburgers tho🥰😩😩

  • Sage Green
    Sage Green

    Anybody notice the bathrooms are the same they just decorated it light then dark.

  • Elisabeth

    4:34 the good girl wipped the good boy''s pants with her lil wipey thingey mcbob

  • Cami Nagel
    Cami Nagel

    Okay, I counted. Lauren, you're more on the "bad pregnant" side. 4 good pregnant points and 5 bad pregnant points

  • Florida Mike
    Florida Mike

    The "good husband" looks like an evil Thomas Sanders.

  • Ebunce17

    Is she really pregnant???

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    Eva Mathews


  • Leah Austin
    Leah Austin

    Why is she cleaning flowers???

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    Ana Jackson


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    forthe kids


  • Serenity Morgan
    Serenity Morgan

    Lauren really you are not having a baby!!!! 😂😜😝😐😀😏😹👍🏻

  • David Ramsay
    David Ramsay

    Lauren listen you will be the best mom you’re kind,funny,smart,and lovely

  • Priya Arunajatesan-Stull
    Priya Arunajatesan-Stull

    I am going to find that video and go off on it for their stereotypical crap. :D

  • 🍪𝕎𝕙𝕚𝕣𝕝 🍪
    🍪𝕎𝕙𝕚𝕣𝕝 🍪

    I bet this is troom troom

  • Beth’s Channel
    Beth’s Channel

    Lauren one of the pregnant girls have Bobby on there stomach

  • Jessica Lane
    Jessica Lane

    marten is so scared oh alice lol

  • Kacey Does Art
    Kacey Does Art

    the husbands are the same people 😭

  • Xxblue_bxrryxX Playz LOL
    Xxblue_bxrryxX Playz LOL

    I like sniffing car gas when it comes out, but if it's disgusting then no

  • Manor on George
    Manor on George

    OMG I’m so excited for you to have a baby when you have the baby can you post what gender it is

  • Rosa Garcia
    Rosa Garcia

    i am 6 yera old

  • Caitspaints

    PLEASE! Who ever is also suffering from that cheesy voice over please talk to me

  • Sarah Swanson
    Sarah Swanson

    I’m both, I’m due September 3rd

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    Lora A

    can you come to my home i live in westvirginia charleston

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    Lunar Wolf

    I like the smell of tires

  • K N squad
    K N squad

    What will u name the baby

  • K N squad
    K N squad

    Lauren will be a great and fun mom

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  • Nicole Gomez
    Nicole Gomez


  • tocagalxygirl

    Why are you wearing a thumbtack t-shirt

    • Lisa Bohdanowicz
      Lisa Bohdanowicz

      she made it in a diferent video

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    alice wills

    my name is alice

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    Kara Williams


  • Zaili McComber
    Zaili McComber

    Her husband cheated 0:51

  • Autumn Weaver
    Autumn Weaver

    6:52 What am I watching?

    • Autumn Weaver
      Autumn Weaver

      I think I’m Barbara and my sister Zoe is Alice

  • Kimberley Martin
    Kimberley Martin

    You should make a video when your baby comes

  • Our little adventures
    Our little adventures

    I love Lauren's duck face whilst reacting to the Troom Troom intro😂

  • Kiyomi Lee-Bembow
    Kiyomi Lee-Bembow

    Lol Lauren I love u I support u all the way!

  • Kristin Bonnett
    Kristin Bonnett

    react to if all people were bloggers from troom troom 11:35 NOW PLAYING


    Its real


    I'm your biggest fan because I watched your videos 5 years ago and I'm still watching them even though I'm 6

  • Night Gamer
    Night Gamer

    I forgot the baby’s gender sorry

    • Night Gamer
      Night Gamer

      But still love your vids ur gonna be an awesome mom

  • Emma Kauppinen
    Emma Kauppinen

    Whats the name?

  • zoey olguin
    zoey olguin

    hi im ssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooo exited forMelody 1

  • Royal Princess
    Royal Princess

    If I was pregnant the only thing I want to do is eat cake specifically cheesecake and play video games definitely probably pickles because pickles are delicious

  • Royal Princess
    Royal Princess

    Of course you can't bend down when you're pregnant there's a whole entire giant baby in your stomach so of course pregnant women he's not been

  • Royal Princess
    Royal Princess

    The demon pregnant girl is going to be the worst mom you should react to bad mom versus good mom

  • Kristina Chmelová
    Kristina Chmelová

    Wait...YOURE PREGNANT??!!

    • Kristina Chmelová
      Kristina Chmelová


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    Judy Bryant

    I followed you on Tokyo I love u soooooo much

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    Caroline Zerbey

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    Joey Vega

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  • Joey Vega
    Joey Vega

    I love how the girl Smelled the tire hahahah that was funny

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    Honey Walton

    the fact the baby has a birthday near mine the 15 of may

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  • Ya Xin Hong
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    Ya Xin Hong

    Hey my name is Alice

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    Bella Kenny

    i was wartching this and playing on my phone and a add with YOU came up LOL hope your doing good and u just missed mothers day

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    Chloe Rigby

    Lauren:what am I watching? Me: a video 👁👄👁

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    Liam's Toysreview


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    Amauriyanna Moore

    I like the good pregnant

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    Tracy Crane

    If you love God like this comment

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    peppino95 prooo

    youtube logik

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    Emalyn Blanpied

    I love watching your videos and your baby is going to be so cute

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    Unrelated to the video but I get NONSTOP BTS meal ads. Just wanna point that out

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    NEW TYRE'S SMELL GOOOOOOD- nobody can change my mind 😤 * proceeds to break into a auto shop and *inhales* new tyre smells * y Um-

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    Jacqueline Hirst

    yui Oui

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    Mattias Jonsson

    My uncle is going to be a dad in october 2021 sorry if i'm late 😫😩

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    John Albuquerque

    What the heck I don't have air pods that are painted and have a photo of me and Bobby making out on them I must being doing it wrong Lauren

  • Lesbian POGGERS
    Lesbian POGGERS

    I now know why I am a spooky and or horror kid

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  • bugkid

    2:45 the feet look like they’re glued together and they actually can’t move.😭

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    Amelia Lytle


  • Amelia Lytle
    Amelia Lytle


  • Audrey Long
    Audrey Long

    She had more bad pregnancy points

  • Audrey Long
    Audrey Long

    She had the baby 2 days later

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    Lisa Hampsey

    i love your videos pls give me a shout out and that bag for sale because im not in amirca

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    natalie green

    My sister is pregnant and she eats Pickles

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    Zombie Flush

    You’re insulting me I am a second grader

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    My name is Alice and I'm girly

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    7:39 but they can hear what you say

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    End of every troop troop video: what did u think of this video Lauren every time: Idk Me every time :🤣

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