Pregnant Woman Reacts to Explaining Childbirth to Kids
Today I'm Reacting to Parents Explain Childbirth to their kids from The Cut. This video is being posted after I already gave birth but was prerecorded while I was still pregnant \u0026 terrified of what it was going to be like!

Check Out The Cut:


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  • Maddie Mew Mew
    Maddie Mew Mew

    I looked up childbirth videos because I was curious... Instant regret as soon as the results popped up.

  • Maddie Mew Mew
    Maddie Mew Mew

    Ok lemme get this straight. This little girl thinks we all started out as GRAPES?! Forget apes, this is evolution on a whole new level!

  • Imran Hadzimahovic
    Imran Hadzimahovic


  • ArsonNotFound

    i like that there are gay moms

  • ArsonNotFound

    i was 3 when i knew where babies come from cause my little brother was born when i was 3

  • Roqaya Hassanin 2027
    Roqaya Hassanin 2027

    Me think babys come out of the belly: 👁️👄👁️

  • Buttercup

    I learned where baby's come from my cousin and I was 6 and he was 5 almost 6 and he learned it from our classmate

  • 🔥BAKUGO🔥

    Oooooooooo noooooo Cahod ruend. PLESE NO. O GOD PLESE NO. NO NO NOOOOOO. AAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • SiimplyEmily

    I can’t believe melody is over a month old already!!

  • Abigail Murphy
    Abigail Murphy

    Welllll Lauren when the falllll happened 😂😂

  • Chad Blotkamp
    Chad Blotkamp

    All of us thinking this is so bad but then we think of twins and horses…

  • Delia Aldrich
    Delia Aldrich

    When you where 4 and didn’t have to have your parents give you the talk because you never cared about how but you just kinda knew

  • •p h r o g g y•
    •p h r o g g y•

    Coming after realizing that Ihascupquake's dog passed and I'm crying, so thank you for making me feel better.

  • gacha raja
    gacha raja

    My mommy lied

  • Barbara Solow
    Barbara Solow

    Pregnet people 👶🤰🤳 and texting

  • min huang
    min huang

    Regular parents telling kids where babies come from: just tells them My mom: Hey! I found a TikTok about child birth!

  • Lucy Batcat
    Lucy Batcat

    “And it just breaks?” Fun fact, my mom told me I actually ripped her’s a little. Whoops?

  • Sydney Garcia
    Sydney Garcia


  • Awi'sGatcha Life
    Awi'sGatcha Life

    The reason it hurts to have a baby is because of Eve she bit the apple

  • ※J a z xくそ※🚬
    ※J a z xくそ※🚬

    ' Do you know where babies come from? ' ' Intestines? ' Him: ' 👁👄👁 '

  • Sarah Robinson
    Sarah Robinson

    Man: what if I told u babies come out of people kid: AaaaAaaaaaw baka

  • Boba cream
    Boba cream

    12:40: the face of someone who just gotten terrified.

  • Møon kiwi
    Møon kiwi

    Me watching the puberty video this year -.... 😣☹️

  • Stefanie Loadman
    Stefanie Loadman

    i hope u doing well lauen!!!

  • Dailene Kemper
    Dailene Kemper

    Sometimes people just think we need our life like the show boss baby 🍼😂

  • Fred And Sock puppet
    Fred And Sock puppet

    Həłľ ńö

  • David Butler
    David Butler

    Are we going to I don’t know see your child on UZmatch on your UZmatch channel

  • xXIts_A&MXx

    Is it just me or does Lauren look totally different without makeup but so much prettierrrrr 🥺🥺

  • OBunnyGirl Vlogs
    OBunnyGirl Vlogs

    She HAS had the baby at this time

  • Potato SliceYT
    Potato SliceYT

    I remember my mom gave me the "Talk" and my face was :0

  • Sarah Gerardo
    Sarah Gerardo

    My older brother looked like a purple gremlin when he was born and had a BIG head

  • wafaa elshreif
    wafaa elshreif

    She's taking care of a baby the filming videos for us who's going to be the best mum in the world she feels pain but she strongest mum in the world melody is gonna an Angels life I love you Lauren seaside you make me laugh you are an amazing mum in the world

  • Anatoli Paschalidou
    Anatoli Paschalidou

    you had the baby

  • Lupita Mata
    Lupita Mata

    Hey Lauren, just incase u didnt know, u had the baby already

  • Sadie Paul
    Sadie Paul

    Out of all the ways being taught this is my least favorite 🙃

  • richardault1


  • •Luckyy•

    “The sky is so pretty”... Like you are, and never say you are bad, because we all are diffrent... :)

  • ava


  • { 卩ㄩ尺卩乇 - 卂乃丨丂 }
    { 卩ㄩ尺卩乇 - 卂乃丨丂 }

    Nobody Me constantly laughing at traumatized children

  • •Roxy_Sugar_Clouds•

    Me: I’m never having kids!

  • JJ Plays
    JJ Plays

    I love how Lauren traumatises us every time 😄

  • charlene Allnutt
    charlene Allnutt

    I’m five years old and I already know what it means

  • Fluffy is watching YOU!
    Fluffy is watching YOU!


  • Shadyxxclouds

    I just realized that in fifth grade (or fourth some people have it in both) every child that believed that a bird (or whatever) actually dropped off them at their parents house just whisked away.

  • christy thehedgehog
    christy thehedgehog

    i am just as tramatized as you lauren rn XD

  • Tammy Ritchie
    Tammy Ritchie

    As a kid, I watched kittens and puppies being born. I wasn't squeamish about it when I was in high school during my Child Development class. I was the one saying, "Aw come on, you've been through that too. Give me a break!". I guess I should have been a doula.

  • Brittany

    When children finally learn baby's DO NOT come from a stork that delivers the baby to the doorstep:*PANIKKK*

    • Brittany

      Also congrats Lauren 😁❤❤❤💕

  • The sock
    The sock

    Welp im 10 and i already know what childbirth is

  • mushroom mason
    mushroom mason

    7:12 LMAO IM DYING

  • Indodragongirl15

    OMG so I was sitting here watching and she was talking about how the kids no more than her and then awesomely a pregnancy ad for shoes come up for pregnant women that can't get their shoes on. the government is watching our every move

  • Hailee Smith
    Hailee Smith

    im 11 and i knew what child birth was at the age of 9

    • sam :heart:
      sam :heart:

      4 here

  • Ember Roberts
    Ember Roberts


  • Landry Rodriguez
    Landry Rodriguez


  • ❣︎•ʟᴇᴍᴏɴ☽︎ʙʀᴇᴀᴅ•❣︎

    Im scared now-

  • Mad D
    Mad D

    Ik this is random but you should play Five nights at Treasures Island if you havent already ;^;

  • Kari Kovarik
    Kari Kovarik

    Ask for extra blood my mom asked for it and she was like woohoo after that.

  • nochu

    I've already decided that if i get pregnant when I'm giving birth I'm gonna yell at my husband "YOU DID THIS TO MEEEEE" 😂🙂

  • Katie Harris
    Katie Harris

    1 You had the kid 2 adult child? And 3 wth the kids are to young to tech them this.

  • Adopt me Star
    Adopt me Star

    I still remember when I found out that babies came from humans it was when my mom was pregnant with my baby sister And she was telling me she has a baby in her tummy and I’m like did you eat baby mom

  • Lily Phillips
    Lily Phillips

    I know I can’t really talk to you but I just wanted to say congratulations and I that was the beat day of your life and now you get to experience the baby on your chest

  • Lily Phillips
    Lily Phillips

    We appreciate you very much... and... when can we see the baby I’m so exited

  • Norah Newbury
    Norah Newbury

    I love the sound her keyboard makes like if you agree

  • Jamie

    I don't know what a zygote is either girl

  • Maddox Williams
    Maddox Williams


  • Starry _Nightangle
    Starry _Nightangle

    mah parents didnt explain it i had to explain mah self when i wasnt even 13 T-T yes i regret it

  • Jocelyn Hansen
    Jocelyn Hansen

    You had the baby so for me commenting so late thanks for uploading five weeks of contact

  • Bug Theory
    Bug Theory

    This is my kid when I tell him babies come from people 1:50

  • vicky land
    vicky land

    me, as a lesbian, I know that im going to adopt my child- but I can explain it, it isnt that hard

  • Adventures of The Bartholomews
    Adventures of The Bartholomews

    Can we see baby sometime

  • The fun 🙃
    The fun 🙃

    That first kid 👦 though


    Is it normal that I knew all the facts about how babies were made inside the womb by 9 years old? I mean, i have OBGYN parents so it's understandable. But like, is it REALLY ACTUALLY understandable or is this not relatable at all?

  • S•P•I•C•E シ
    S•P•I•C•E シ

    Is this what 2021 has come to Lauren? 🙂

  • ThatsNotYourToilet

    My mum told me about child birth and how babies are made in a McDonald's drive thru. :)

  • Fluffy Lemur
    Fluffy Lemur

    When I was younger I thought babies come out of the stomach, like the doctors/nurses cut open the stomach to get the baby out, then I knew how they really come out and I’m still laughing about it lol

  • Anime_chan^o^

    Gosh i laughed through out the whole video lmao😂😂

  • Eric Brinkley
    Eric Brinkley


  • Blazikan99

    'It's like an anxiety induced guessing game' Perfect way to describe my life lol

  • M Bailes
    M Bailes


  • Steve DeVizor
    Steve DeVizor

    Hey lauren somebody made an edit of ur baby and itlooks really cool!

    • Steve DeVizor
      Steve DeVizor

      Their channel name is laurensbaddie

  • Elizabeth Crenshaw
    Elizabeth Crenshaw

    this vid is cursed

  • Natasha Lherisson
    Natasha Lherisson

    U did have Da Baby

  • killua da 単純な ☑
    killua da 単純な ☑

    Ive known how kidz cone out sence i was 5

  • Lamiya Pothiwala
    Lamiya Pothiwala

    And THATs why I don’t want to get pregnant

  • Rachel Glass
    Rachel Glass

    One of the kids has two moms you guys! I know there's literally no reason for me to make a big deal out of it, but as a Pansexual girl, LGBTQ+ representation is really important to me.

  • Rachel Glass
    Rachel Glass

    GUYS... She is no longer a pregnant WOMAN!!!!!! Hope Melody's doing good! Thank you for going through the trouble of prerecording these videos for us! 💕💕

  • Harry Potter Forever
    Harry Potter Forever

    Can we just appreciate dexter for uploading his mom’s videos while she takes a leave after the birth to take care of his sister?

  • cutieboba

    I know I'm late but I just wanted to say this when I was in my moms stomach I turned sideways at labor so ..... I was difficult

  • JackieProductions

    the baby is.. like a grape?

  • Alani Sanchez
    Alani Sanchez

    I'm so happy for you Lauren, and I'm so glad that you and your child are okay 🥰✨

  • NourDiab2012

    That poor kid

  • Revavanshi  Bhise
    Revavanshi Bhise

    Can you please show the baby😁

  • cookie bookie
    cookie bookie


  • Crystal Braun
    Crystal Braun

    I felt exactly the same as you did before i had my first and just let me tell you. I was nervous, anxious, terrified....but after you go through it you don't remember all that bad stuff. I don't have pictures or video to relive it and i barely remember it all. Just feel the overwhelming love for my baby girl.

  • Savannah

    Lauren omg! I’m so happy for you

  • Corgiwolf Potatoqueen
    Corgiwolf Potatoqueen

    I was 8 when I found out

  • Pinkwolf_YT

    Oof I’m a child oof

  • doads

    I'm a little kid

  • doads

    You did

  • Brenda Siqueiros
    Brenda Siqueiros


  • Brenda Siqueiros
    Brenda Siqueiros


Barbie vs. Bratz
1.4 mln
Barbie vs. Bratz
1.4 mln