CLEAN vs DIRTY Challenge The Sims 4
Instead of therapy I decided to once again build Myself AS A HOUSE in The Sims 4 to battle my inner demons in. This time it's Clean Sim me vs Dirty Sim me. Who will win?

I Built Myself AS A HOUSE in The Sims 4 to Battle My Inner Demons In:


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  • fatiha Ramadhina
    fatiha Ramadhina



    100 dust bunny challenge

  • Ashli Robertson
    Ashli Robertson

    Do a sims video every month

  • Gacha_Wolf

    I loved all your sims vids I watched all of them kinda stocked your channel when I was younger I’m starting to do it again😂❤️

  • RosalinaEma Starlight
    RosalinaEma Starlight

    “Let’s begin the chaos in 3.. 2.. 1..” Ad: *allow me to introduce myself.*

  • Amy

    Her jacket and shoes are soooo cute I NEED theeemmm

  • elizabeth Snuffylp
    elizabeth Snuffylp

    If she were still doing sims storylines I would love to see a fnf sims 4 lol

  • BB8

    I love her but i wish i had at lest some of the packs like to try out her cool ideas

  • -*-Sophie Midoriya-*-
    -*-Sophie Midoriya-*-

    All the dislikes are people jealous they don’t have nice ✨kicks✨ like Lauren

  • Precious Ugoh
    Precious Ugoh

    Hi Lauren can you please do sims 4 Demon Slayer please? by the way I love your work. Keep it up.

  • Gacha & Roblox
    Gacha & Roblox

    Can you please do. More animal crossing videos

  • Gacha um
    Gacha um

    What cheat do you use to get more money?

  • the purple dino 🦕🦖
    the purple dino 🦕🦖

    Can you go back to reacting to gacha life? :(

  • Sissy Smith
    Sissy Smith

    The Sims therapy worked!! She is dressing like crazy Lauren

  • Luni

    wait a minute, WAIT A MINUTE. NO!

  • Fionna Gate Chronicler
    Fionna Gate Chronicler

    Thank you for putting the personalities episode in the description!

  • Mandyànnabella Tschirhart
    Mandyànnabella Tschirhart

    Oh hi thanks for checking in, I'm still a piece of garbage.

  • Zo Zo
    Zo Zo

    I have a fry bucket hat but I need hollow

  • Danniel is very bored
    Danniel is very bored

    when she said she is vacuming the toilet IM NOT KIDDING i spat my water all over my chair desk AND monitor (not a lot but still) im kinda pissed since that has never happened to me beofre lol

  • Cash Detillion
    Cash Detillion

    You need to keep bringing back Sims four!!

  • Ally Playz 11
    Ally Playz 11

    Lauren, all aspersions have tasks to do 😂

  • ꧁ ღ An_Awkward_Crybaby ღ ꧂
    ꧁ ღ An_Awkward_Crybaby ღ ꧂

    “Let the chaos begin in 3, 2, 1” **ad**

  • Avery E Wood
    Avery E Wood

    How about raising you tubers as dust bunny’s!

  • David Habersberger
    David Habersberger

    I was traumatized when the dust bunny was murdered

  • FnAF s1erra
    FnAF s1erra

    When Lauren said “ let the chaos happen in 3…2…1..” And then ads pop up 😂

  • Kathleen Shannon
    Kathleen Shannon

    Mom.Àaaaaaaaaaaa me . What mom she I coming me OMG the baby 🚼 mom. YES me. Ok at hospital mom. I fell her ÀaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAA .me . DOC DOC YES mom she is coming boc . Ok push!!! Mom. ÀaaaaaaaaAaaaaaaa baby crying 😢 at home mom me she is so cute 😘😘

  • Lim Shen Hin
    Lim Shen Hin


  • Aileen Brn
    Aileen Brn

    Dust bunnies yes! * -*

  • Ami ッ
    Ami ッ

    I know this is random AF but I left my Sims three pets game for a while and turns out we were robbed the robber took my stove, TV, dinner table, toilet, and bath so I called the police but turns out it was too late and I was fined 500 Simoleons

  • Froggie Age-Roblox
    Froggie Age-Roblox

    I wonder what Laurens baby hearf

  • mysticmoons 777
    mysticmoons 777

    Dirty Lauren arguing with clean Lauren: clog schmoe uro qefu beklea!! 😡 Clean Lauren smack talking her momma: teelacoo poofafa nenogh wertbeta!!! Ahahahaha

  • mysticmoons 777
    mysticmoons 777


  • Madison Rosario
    Madison Rosario

    Here videos are so funny sometimes

  • Markéta Mačková
    Markéta Mačková

    Just an idea for a Sim video where you just show some (or all if you want) cc you have cuz it's very pretty

  • Magical arts
    Magical arts

    This package would have been perfect during the meme theme cause clothing and tide pod Chan could have had the clean aspiration

  • Cami Owens
    Cami Owens

    Hi Lauren my kid loves your video she said more Sim soon . Stay safe 😷

  • Arianna SLATER
    Arianna SLATER

    The reason your package screamed 90s is because that is the type of stuff from the throwback fit kit which is based off of 90s workout outfits

  • Ava and jacks Channel
    Ava and jacks Channel

    Laren:I want dust bunny’s Me: maybe you can’t get dust bunny’s Laren gets dust bunny’s:yes! Me:fudge you😠🖕🏻

  • Phobia Rat
    Phobia Rat

    Dirty Lauren acts like a 10 year old iPad kid 💀🖐

  • Jessica Schweser
    Jessica Schweser

    She should have called them LaurencleanSide and MessyzSide.

  • Cameron Motto
    Cameron Motto

    " Garbage Lauren get out the garbage" that really got me hahahaha

  • Marifer zarate
    Marifer zarate

    Chri Mac alot uv duatbune

  • Matt Walker
    Matt Walker

    Hi no hi hi hi I hi I I I am I am I am I am I know blah blah at my desk come it does it make sense I try to do my best but it don’t make sense lag blah blah

  • Yeliza Alfaro
    Yeliza Alfaro

    Hi 👋 Lauren 🍞 🥖🥯🥐

  • ♡ ísla máe gamepłay ♡
    ♡ ísla máe gamepłay ♡

    What my parents think is dirty: YOU DIDNT WASH THIS MORNING GET YOUR BUM IN THE SHOWER. Sim Lauren: I sleep in the rubbish bin

  • ☘️Sugar & Spice🍄
    ☘️Sugar & Spice🍄

    I love the shoes you got so CUTE

  • Abbigayle Young
    Abbigayle Young

    U U cat is sad like to make her happy U U Thank You! =M= =W=

  • 𝙺𝚒𝚝𝙺𝚊𝚝𝚎

    *Lauren is such a baddie* 💅

  • Zoe meow
    Zoe meow

    Are you vixella?

    • Zoe meow
      Zoe meow

      Sometimes I feel gross in real life because people are making beautiful new shower so no water shower until leave or if go somewhere else am feeling the hot mess version 💖✨

    • Zoe meow
      Zoe meow

      You deserve is nice 😊

  • Æsthetically life
    Æsthetically life

    Is anyone else checking there phone everyday

  • Patience Hawkins
    Patience Hawkins


  • Cottonball45

    This video was posted on pico day!!!!! Im so happy:)

  • Allison Krueger
    Allison Krueger

    6:08 when she said 1 I got an ad..

  • Allison Krueger
    Allison Krueger

    5:14 that vid is legit the first vid in my recommended

  • Allison Krueger
    Allison Krueger

    0:04 / 6:50 I live in an apartment building and I once walked downstairs to see a neighbor, who doesn’t live here anymore, vacuuming her car’s engine😳

  • olena


  • Laurie Santiago
    Laurie Santiago

    Me after dustbunny gets vacuumed: NOOOOOOOOO! I'M GOING TO KILL HER!!!

  • Expiredmayomaise

    Keep doing sims!

  • luka lukute
    luka lukute

    What kind of name is garbage if I had a bunny Id call it bun bun

  • Forever Sienna
    Forever Sienna

    I wish I could have a ❤️ from Lauren My favorite UZmatchr 💜💜💜

  • Ryan Wilson
    Ryan Wilson

    l love the vid and what is in the box

  • Kayla winter
    Kayla winter

    where Dexter

    • Beth Harnish
      Beth Harnish

      He’s alive!

  • Urikano

    AMEN 🙏 SIMS ^^ 💚💚💚💚💚

  • $üñflõŵér :3
    $üñflõŵér :3

    Who's here after the baby? 🥰

  • Dream Chaser Grace
    Dream Chaser Grace

    Lauren: *doesn’t play sims for a while* The Sims people: we can fix that..... WITH MERCH

  • itsonlylilli •
    itsonlylilli •

    Lets let the chaos begin in 3.... 2... 1.. -GRAMMARLY AD-

  • PotatoPlays

    When Lauren was counting down, when she got to one there was instantly an ad😂

  • penny zeglen
    penny zeglen

    whos here after baby melody?

  • Nightmare Tails and Swap-Mario
    Nightmare Tails and Swap-Mario

    Lauren plz do plants vs zombies sims 4 series

  • Recil Ugpo
    Recil Ugpo

    Lauren is very funny haha like your vid lauren

  • Recil Ugpo
    Recil Ugpo

    Lauren is very funny haha like your vid lauren

  • Kwasi Dei
    Kwasi Dei

    Jesus loves yall :))

  • Isabella Dejesus
    Isabella Dejesus

    Read this if your religious Jesus loves you, he you died on the cross for us, he is real spread the godpesl❤️

  • Luna Rose
    Luna Rose

    Lauren: To battle my INNER DEMONS in!! Me: 😮 MID!! (Like if you understand)

  • L o a f Q u e e n
    L o a f Q u e e n

    But isn't flushing the toilet vacuuming it? Uts sucking the uh.... stuff... "out" it

  • Absent Minded
    Absent Minded

    Lauren: 7:05 Me and my brain: oh hi thanks for checking in 🎶iM sTilL a peiCe oF gaRbaGe🎶💃💃💃🕺🕺🕺

    • •missweebish•

      you’re under arrest for this comment to be so ✨✨underrated✨✨ like I loved this sm-

  • Meow but buff
    Meow but buff

    "My sims series don't usually get as much attention as my other videos" Sister Location series: *sips tea*

  • crusty

    Sib far

  • The Animlas Lovers Channel
    The Animlas Lovers Channel

    Who wants a dust bunny from the sims now

  • JustJade

    How she said 'One that loves it dirty' with a straight face is beyond me.

  • Nya Awuma
    Nya Awuma

    It’s Lauren *Clean* side 😃 sorry ima head out now-

  • Lollipop-gacha

    Lauren:I love you garbage Clean Lauren:DIE

  • Jalisa Wilkins
    Jalisa Wilkins

    I LOVE!!! That jacket

  • patience morris
    patience morris

    Let it begin 123 advert lol

  • Franklin's Stuff
    Franklin's Stuff

    Man i really do miss the series is??? they were really grate but i know as a fact me and many other under stand ans support you :)

  • Adam Galka
    Adam Galka

    Does anyone know if they sell those shoes by any chance they are absolutely to die for and I've been wanting a pair so badly 😞😞

  • Luna Liss
    Luna Liss

    Idea; play the sims mobile or sims FreePlay

  • McKayly-Ann Shelton
    McKayly-Ann Shelton

    Lauren: Let the chaos begin. 3, 2, 1, Ad pops up- Me: Perfect timing Lauren. Also I love your videos lauren!

  • Claireandpaul Lynch
    Claireandpaul Lynch


  • MusicLife

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    it’s like rick and morty but laurenzside sims 4 edition

  • Miso soup
    Miso soup

    1:05 my face when I drop my pizza rolls 😢

  • Panda Bear
    Panda Bear

    She said 3, 2, 1 and then an ad played.

  • Baddie Brooke
    Baddie Brooke

    I bet when Lauren was younger she never thought her life would get this crazy lol

  • [no name] TvT
    [no name] TvT

    I got recommended the multiple personality Lauren video on this very same video

  • Adrienne Fein Productions
    Adrienne Fein Productions

    I can believe that it’s been a year since the “I Built Myself AS A HOUSE in the Sims 4 to Battle My Inner Demons In”

    • Blueberry Muffin
      Blueberry Muffin

      Woooooow, your right

  • Louise Burden
    Louise Burden

    Hello my daughter loves these videos and I've found a love for them too they are soo entertaining

  • Staci Workman
    Staci Workman

    OMG dust bunniies sooooo cute

  • x_x_xshadow

    I have idea for a sims 4 series fnaf afton family version

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    Jillianne Mitchell