3 More HAUNTED TikTok Accounts You Should NEVER Watch
I found out about Haunted \u0026 Scary Tik Tok accounts that shouldn't exist and decided to share them with all of you so we can have nightmares together! DO NOT Watch these TikToks!! thedailygrace, lexthelight \u0026 security1275

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  • Matilde Farinha
    Matilde Farinha

    I missed seeing your videos. I loved this. These people should just call 911. Or 112

  • avocado chips mccosco
    avocado chips mccosco

    7:13 hey that's jester`s old house

  • GalaxyWolfGirl WOLF
    GalaxyWolfGirl WOLF

    I know people are scared of ghost and all but like do ghost and spirits of dead people, uh do they ever get as scared of someone does when they get scared of a really creepy ghost thing? cause like I'm just wondering and I wanna know like can ghost get scared of other ghost depending on if it's nice or scary but like mostly scary cause I'm curious and I wanna know if ghost can get scared to

  • Fiadh Sharon McGARRY
    Fiadh Sharon McGARRY

    hmm 1:sleep or 2: watch lauren reacting to scary tik toks my answer is 2

  • ᘛωaffłè βūnᏊ
    ᘛωaffłè βūnᏊ


  • Le storie di Alice
    Le storie di Alice

    Me: Sleep normally:❌❌❌ Sleep with a baseball bat:✔️✔️✔️

  • Bobbie Hamilton
    Bobbie Hamilton

    I just woke up yay...😭

  • Layla Madsen
    Layla Madsen

    These give me nightmares but I still watch them because I love being scared and I love Lauren

  • only360girl

    And the 2 tiktok where the face was on the door it looked like Voldemort

  • Angelica Wolfspeed
    Angelica Wolfspeed

    I’m smart and watched this is in the morning

  • only360girl


  • only360girl

    I’m watching this at 6 in the morning afk least it’s not night time

  • ALittleCreepy

    Hope she makes a part 2

  • Ananyeah

    This is why I live with my family

  • maoii

    Lauren: Girl no girl no girl 🙅

  • hxh fan page
    hxh fan page

    Watching this at 3:44

  • Delta Cowart
    Delta Cowart

    I’m watching this at night I’m just scared but at the same time I’m not

  • Iosefina Urgei
    Iosefina Urgei

    Lauren:no, no, no Also lauren:I love creepy things that makes me happy

  • malbotato😩✨

    1:54 lauren talking about how creepy to sit in red room Also lauren:sitting in a red room

  • Impasta

    I’m never going to sleep again😨😨😨😨

  • Random Gacha culb hooman
    Random Gacha culb hooman

    Next time you do wlecome back fellow kids if its a scaty video say welcome back fellow demons... *glich video*

  • Ava Hawkes
    Ava Hawkes

    9:02 why is the first part of this kinda catchy

  • Ava Hawkes
    Ava Hawkes

    Lauren: SHE HAS AN ELAVATOR IN HER HOUSE? Damn girl where do you live Me: A big apartment building?

  • Roblox rp and more
    Roblox rp and more

    The intro tho-

  • Roblox rp and more
    Roblox rp and more

    IMMA DIE!!! XD :')

  • Brianna Reynolds
    Brianna Reynolds

    That guy josh security the first video of him in that building I watched before

  • Pastel Paint
    Pastel Paint


  • Tristin Snyder
    Tristin Snyder


  • Tristin Snyder
    Tristin Snyder

    4:19 I would get a knife and a gun and attack


    Lauren: cuz neither of us are pretty smart Albert Einstein’s ghost watching this video: 👁👄👁

  • Kaleb Matthew
    Kaleb Matthew

    I wanna tell you something when I sleep my dad says something to me and sometimes I talk to him when I’m asleep

  • Kylee Kroh
    Kylee Kroh

    Stillll hiding in the commentsss

  • Shameel Preston
    Shameel Preston


  • Shameel Preston
    Shameel Preston


  • Sleepy xx
    Sleepy xx

    These tiktoks made me put my feet in my chair

  • Love Elle
    Love Elle

    My mind the whole time: These all are fake

  • Sage nilges
    Sage nilges

    First videos was the scariest I almost cried it was so scary I got so freaked out

    • Sage nilges
      Sage nilges

      And like no not on this video the first video you posted of the scary one where the boy and his mother Tommy and I don't know her name but it was so scary

  • Love Elle
    Love Elle

    I kind of like creepy things but when i watch your creepy videos i love them 💖

  • Bon Jess
    Bon Jess

    5:21 "Oh no its the goober gladiator"

  • M GalaxyFox1
    M GalaxyFox1

    Me: **reads Grace's full name (Grace PETTIGREW)** PETER'S SISTER IS THAT YOU?!?!? (Harry Potter reference)

  • Kendall Williams
    Kendall Williams

    In the middle of Lauren playing a tiktok: An ad:Enjoy the feeling of being an anime dj!

  • Remy Black
    Remy Black

    I know that the first account was fake, but I just wanna say something. This is kind of upsetting/frightening though, so I'm going to put it under read more. _ _ _ _ _ So. Theres this thing called Sundown Syndrome. It's a rare type if dementia, and it only affects victims at night. This is 100% real. The victims of this act normal during the daytime, strange and sometimes violent during the night. Have a look online, it's very interesting.

  • XxDark_DaysxX

    I was watching this whole video on miniplayer (I think it’s only on phone and iPad but idk)

  • Steven Romano
    Steven Romano

    Found the Bible verse and it really matches with the tiktok.

  • Kimberly Post
    Kimberly Post

    I know why ppl make tiktoks before call the cops...if more ppl find the tiktok they will see and know what happened if that person dies or gose missing

  • -Olive Garden-
    -Olive Garden-

    The first one got me a bit scared because I used to have this really strange friend who kinda was creepy a bit. She isn’t my friend anymore but sometimes we would have to do camping trips and share a cabin and she wasn’t very nice.

  • Serenity Neblett
    Serenity Neblett

    Call 911 or a hospital nooooooooooo! Make a tick tock and post it on the internet? Yesssssssss ?????? I won’t be at you’re funeral not only cause I don’t know you cause ya acting dumb

  • Princess Licorice
    Princess Licorice

    I don't mean to get religious but... Matthew 14:26 Jesus's disciples think that Jesus is ghost when they see him walking on the sea. Jesus said, "I am not a ghost, see. I have flesh and bones, which ghosts have none." Jesus didn't say that ghosts aren't real O-o He just said they don't have flesh and bones, might be why most ghost caught on camera are just shadows

  • -ThatOneError-

    Dude im the type of person who if i even heard the smallest noise, im running out the house and calling 911 and then tell 911 that im dying.

  • The_lazybxtch._.aka_kaii

    Do you know the tiktok that the ghost does not like the dark?

  • Emma Kate
    Emma Kate

    I love the “nope! I’m f-ing done”

  • Fabian Bas
    Fabian Bas

    The last one of face the light is backwards that means theres a demon interfering with the footage

  • Lily Williamson
    Lily Williamson

    I live with the devil. The devil:CALL ME BY UR NAME!!

  • kerri fayard
    kerri fayard

    My mom hates when I sleep with her because I sit up and talk and her back hurts so she can’t sleep so she has to watch me all night.

  • Julia Mari
    Julia Mari

    Me: peeing my pants When I have a test Me again: watching this in the dark alone at night


    Me and my cousin watched all these tik toks and we were about to kill someone and we only cut her mom a little bit and we ran to the moive upstairs and she was running after us

  • •{Cinnamon bun}• :D
    •{Cinnamon bun}• :D

    No that’s something trying to sound human-

  • Kitty Kat :3
    Kitty Kat :3

    6:50 my name is mia so when she yelled my name it scared me 💀

  • Tiana James
    Tiana James

    That's me

  • Honey Patrick
    Honey Patrick

    I always spook myself and regret it :)

  • • aesthetic_ Patato•
    • aesthetic_ Patato•

    Ok fine I do know quite a lot about paranormal stuff so the “demons” are most likely to scream like that. And angles are most likely to say h-hello but I don’t know lol

  • adenisa .A
    adenisa .A

    It's day not night

  • Star_@mazedQueen^°^

    Me who watching this alone:..* jumps every 5sec *... I'm scared It's the middle of the day

  • 餅月 m o c h i i m o o n
    餅月 m o c h i i m o o n

    Me being a teen be like-

  • Rita Brauna
    Rita Brauna


  • GachaBlox 123
    GachaBlox 123

    Me I Am scaring myself because tonight I’m watching annabelle comes home


    I will zee you guys soon😉

  • callee talbott
    callee talbott

    call 911 NOOOO make a tiktok yes

  • Moe Akour
    Moe Akour

    Oh my-

  • 「yui.」mushroom nightmares🍄
    「yui.」mushroom nightmares🍄

    Once my sister woke up in the middle of the night she tried to wake me up I sat up then went back to laying down

  • Taurus_tanaka

    I’m scared and it’s broad daylight

  • Mickenzie Williss
    Mickenzie Williss

    Lauren I love your vids and I love watching u reacting to creepy/haunted tiktok accounts

  • Harlow Farley
    Harlow Farley

    Not me watching at 1105

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting


  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    It’s mean we all go die

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    No no not ring around the Rosie

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    I have chills

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    Call police 📥 make tt 📤

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting


  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    I umm help

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    It’s creepy it’s creepy and it’s 10:30

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting


  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting


  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting


  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    I am I am one of those people

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    Creep creep it is 10:30

  • Giselle Olivaabarca
    Giselle Olivaabarca

    I am a fellow person who speaks myself and then I can’t even go to bed because I’m anxious that the monster under my bed which doesn’t even exist does exist in another nation was in my imagination my pole my feet

  • Comet

    5:27 I legit died from laughing so hard when the roommate was running down the hallway

  • Gacha Logic
    Gacha Logic

    When the snow melts... they still come . Check Lordvirr's tiktok and UZmatch. MAKE A NEW VIDEO.

    • Gacha Logic
      Gacha Logic

      Omg I just competed on the wrong video! Im so stupid

  • Nice Gee
    Nice Gee

    Am i the only one who hides in the comments lauren says "oh my god" or screams a bit or gasps

  • Susan Hannah
    Susan Hannah

    Oh. No oh. No. Oh. No. Ho. No. Noho

  • :. Le_RaccoonYT .:
    :. Le_RaccoonYT .:

    This girl is my fear Fear: r o o m a t e s

  • Maddie Mew Mew
    Maddie Mew Mew

    The first girl: *Has a VERY creepy roommate* Me: "What is she watching!? Is that DangMattSmith?!? Oh no it's not."

  • nightmare

    How are you still watching those I am like my soul left my body

  • Jennaboo1827 Duran
    Jennaboo1827 Duran


  • Moon_Flower playz
    Moon_Flower playz

    4:47 I was interrupted by a ad and that scared me bc I thought it was a jumpscare😭

  • Genderless

    Her:Security Guard. Normal People:Creepy Security Guard FNAF Fans:The dead kids are coming for you. Me:*Dancing to a purple guy meme*

    • Genderless



      It’s been so long since last I’ve seen my son lost to this monster the man behind the slaughter since you’ve been gone I’ve been singing this stupid song so I could ponder the sanity of your mother

  • Scott Daniels
    Scott Daniels

    It's called a mauselem

  • Moon_ Madness
    Moon_ Madness

    The one where the girls roommate comes running up the stairs scared me so bad I reflex kick the air and almost my dog 🥺. However that would be a good reaction, kick her down the stairs cause something obviously wrong.

  • Fandom Squad
    Fandom Squad

    Her question at being my answer is: 👍