TikToks That Remind Me... BEING A GIRL IS WEIRD
I've been playing a lot of weird girls app games lately so I decided to take a break from that \u0026 instead see what TikTok had as far as relatable Tik Toks only girls will understand \u0026 remind us being a girl is weird.

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  • ~♡●Animating-Vibez●♡~

    im a: meh Gurl

  • Adeleigh Deffenbaugh Rivera
    Adeleigh Deffenbaugh Rivera

    I thought the chair was when it’s summertime and you legs get stuck to the chair you know what I mean 🪑 😵‍💫

  • Tom Karcz
    Tom Karcz

    Lauren: "boys get out of here you wouldn't understand!" Me: "YEAH BOYS GET OUTTA HERE"

  • Yuno

    4:30 My first period was on my 13th birthday

  • Ana Marie Ong-Justaga
    Ana Marie Ong-Justaga

    The Haar gets STUK in this chers

  • James Turner
    James Turner

    Girl: let me add a little bit of spice to that Lauren: yEp

  • Defne OKTEM
    Defne OKTEM

    my hair hair is very short but I still realate to those chairs

  • queenofdapotatos Bud-dum-Tishh
    queenofdapotatos Bud-dum-Tishh

    I’m a meh

  • xXxdem0nic _nuggieXxX?
    xXxdem0nic _nuggieXxX?

    im a ✨mEh✨ gurl ◑﹏◐

  • Lindsey Stone
    Lindsey Stone

    I just got married and honestly about 90% of my reasoning for picking the dress that I picked was because it has pockets!!

  • {Bxrry Bunny}
    {Bxrry Bunny}

    Meh girl time! YESSS

  • Pikachu Pikaro
    Pikachu Pikaro

    7:09 I hate pants like that too and I'm like, what even is the point?????

  • Lilith Emily
    Lilith Emily

    Milk creamer 1 pond suger and then a WATER SKWERTER WITH ☕ IN IT IM DEAD

  • Lilith Emily
    Lilith Emily

    Luarenzside:I'ma meh girl me: meh🌟

  • Jerry Hagerman
    Jerry Hagerman

    I FOUND MY PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EllieGAMES Rennie
    EllieGAMES Rennie

    Me is a meh girl

  • I Agree
    I Agree

    Im a Boy, but I'm so much like a girl.

  • Sydney Kuhnwald
    Sydney Kuhnwald


  • bigsley623

    Can you shout out me because I really like your videos

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    Me: dyeing of laughter meh agin: oof I am a girl that is 9

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    My friends if there is 3 ppl we all sleep on the floor

  • eKarly

    I’m trans so I’m watching this EDUCATE me

  • SEGA Metal detecting
    SEGA Metal detecting

    I am a meh girl

  • Kelly Inman
    Kelly Inman

    Me too I just dyed my hair purple bc of you 😘❤️Love you Lauren

  • X_sunny.flower _x
    X_sunny.flower _x


  • Lily X Tea
    Lily X Tea

    Hey Lauren just wanna say hi and your amazing

  • Megan Lea
    Megan Lea

    Girls: There’s a lot of things that girls don’t have on their clothes that boys always have! Boys: No way! Name 1 Girls: Pants with no pockets, swimsuits with padding in them, underw- Boys: OK! You’ve made your point!

  • Fien Matthys
    Fien Matthys

    I actually have pants with fake front and back pockets. Idk why I ever bought those, but I did Ig.

  • ♡︎ ᔕᗩᗰᗰY ♡︎
    ♡︎ ᔕᗩᗰᗰY ♡︎

    When I want to put my hands in pockets I don’t have them or the are fake and when I don’t what to put my hands in pockets I HAVE THEM

  • Lola Unger
    Lola Unger

    with the bra one i got so tired of putting my bra on after my shower and it sticking weirdly and being uncomfortable shh i did it the second way to the point that i literally taught myself how to do it the first way😅

  • Rita McKenna
    Rita McKenna

    i am a mea girl

  • Rita McKenna
    Rita McKenna

    i am a wierd girl

  • Nine teenths
    Nine teenths

    I hate it when girls say: "Let's confuse the boys" and do something with long hair like boys can have long hair too like???

  • May

    It’s True

  • MHA and FNAF
    MHA and FNAF

    The only thing I have to say is that put pockets on girls pants😑😑😑😑

  • lolbit funtime
    lolbit funtime

    8:05 Me who has short hair: 👁👄👁

  • Lorie Bug
    Lorie Bug

    And that I why my shower curtain is always left open 🤣

  • Anastasia Orjonikidze
    Anastasia Orjonikidze


  • Michelle Gordon
    Michelle Gordon

    I am a meh girl

  • Scarlett Upham
    Scarlett Upham

    Im a meg girl

    • Scarlett Upham
      Scarlett Upham


  • Heaven Loatman
    Heaven Loatman

    I’m definitely a “MEH GIRL”

  • Bianchi

    Sadly i live in Canada where there’s no target 😢

  • random girl
    random girl

    I'm just meh...

  • Corpse nr
    Corpse nr

    I slept in the bed with my best friend like 15 other girls sleepover

  • Hannah



    I am a 👑 meh girl👑

  • caitlin van heerden
    caitlin van heerden

    Female here and I HATE shopping. It's a waste of time (for me. You do you.) I also hate looking for outfits.

    • KiCk YoUr HeAd
      KiCk YoUr HeAd

      Same. Even if I must go clothes shopping, I just want to get in and get out.

  • Ketta Lelo
    Ketta Lelo

    Yes! I found my people! I am also a fellow ✨Meh Girl✨

  • Kyanna Swanson
    Kyanna Swanson

    Those dress pants are jumpsuits

  • johnnie sims
    johnnie sims

    I grew up with women and whenever they had a girl problem they explained the entire problem and why it was happening

  • Ronnie Queen Kimmy
    Ronnie Queen Kimmy


  • Izzy Artz
    Izzy Artz

    My sister got a really cute sweater in the men’s section that was half the price of the same thing in the women’s section. I’m salty

  • Madison Weyandt
    Madison Weyandt

    You are so funny!

  • ally guess
    ally guess

    I'm a meh girl

  • Olivia Carmody
    Olivia Carmody

    8:11 I have to put m6 hair behind the chair it’s so annoying. END THESE CHAIRS

  • Genevieve Bay
    Genevieve Bay

    I'm too young of a girl to understand.!.

  • naturewerewolf girl
    naturewerewolf girl

    I was homeschooled never wore makeup get told did you get enough sleep I said never enough

  • Audrey Ibarra
    Audrey Ibarra

    Omggggggggg I was so exited for my period I DIDENT KNOW I hate itttt 😭

  • Lakaysha Hunthall
    Lakaysha Hunthall

    I'm a meh girl

  • Sleeping._.Lemonlol

    16:49 me who puts it like pants: am I a joke?

  • Jacque Bernal
    Jacque Bernal

    so your short but you do realy big tiktok pranks.

  • Agatha Bolanos
    Agatha Bolanos

    Stockers watch this video: now I got a really check if that girls actually getting inside the house thanks laurenzside

  • Jacque Bernal
    Jacque Bernal

    im a meh bitch.

  • Jacque Bernal
    Jacque Bernal

    tiktok;hey i like your dress; them;thanks it has pokets.

  • Jacque Bernal
    Jacque Bernal

    this is my mom every mornig wen she rubs her eyes wen she forgets she has makup on.

  • Maddie Mew Mew
    Maddie Mew Mew

    Duuude... When I got my first period. I went on Roblox. And told EVERYONE. And then someone was like, "You... didn't have to share that but i guess you did anyway..." And then I was just like, "...oh. um. okay bye." I felt SO awkward and just left!

  • Siblings United
    Siblings United

    i actually hi fived my COMPUTER SCREEN!!!!!🤣😂😍🤗

  • §{Space Girl}§
    §{Space Girl}§

    Me at 10:14 I’m like boy I’m never doing the squish again BECAUSE I HAD A REAL FRIEND ( girl) THEN I WAS ATTRACTED TO HER AFTER-

  • tinypeanutcat

    I'm a meh girl anyone else ?

  • 《Ruby_ Gamer》
    《Ruby_ Gamer》

    It's called a jumper Lauren

  • Kc Dia
    Kc Dia

    I don't wear the bras with the hooks in the back sooo I put them on like a shirt as well

  • Seren O’Driscoll
    Seren O’Driscoll

    Something that i saw on UZmatch is why take the time to make a pocket if it’ll be fake!!!!

  • イのW刀レ乇リイムリレの尺

    “I’m always the floor friend” gurl I sleep on the floor anyways so- (My bed is a bunk bed without the bottom bunk, it’s not as weird as it sounds)

  • HaiGlazzyGirl

    I’m a meh girl

  • Renee Dittmer
    Renee Dittmer

    4:36 Lauren: I remember that every girl was exited to get there time of the month Me: yeah.... my cousin was that way, and she was only I think 12, and now she's like "I wonder why I was so excited" I was never exited for mine :(

    • Dinda

      @Renee Dittmer oh, when the girl does not have they’re period yet, each time they make a sin, its not counted by god untill we got our period

    • Renee Dittmer
      Renee Dittmer

      @Dinda also, what does it mean by our sin is counted? Just wondering.

    • Dinda

      @Renee Dittmer oh

    • Renee Dittmer
      Renee Dittmer

      @Dinda oh, I don't know if we think that way, but since I live in Kentucky and people in Kentucky suck so I'm gonna asume that were I live it's not that way.

    • Dinda

      8 never excited for the time of the month, in my religion we believe that after getting the time of the month, our sin is counted

  • Sinead Ashton
    Sinead Ashton

    I look bald when I do a ponytail

  • Mia Macintyre
    Mia Macintyre

    Boys get out

  • tøbīãß īß dä bēšt_101
    tøbīãß īß dä bēšt_101

    Wait can I stay if I’m a trans male?.?

  • June

    Ima meh girl

  • PinkPuppyGirl Unicorn YT
    PinkPuppyGirl Unicorn YT

    I am a meh

  • Aura•Raeツ

    For the bra tiktok my grandma still does the second way and so do I😂😭

  • Denki Kamanari
    Denki Kamanari

    I am a meh boy

  • Woofle

    10:05 I always wanted to sleep on the floor, it’s better then some bed or air mattress

  • Sophie Maguire
    Sophie Maguire

    Are you guys a bruh girl or a meh girl or zeye girly girl Personally I'm a bruh girl duh

  • •girl-can-boy•

    I was decided for mine cuz I knew that I'd get it before my older cousin like I grew teeth before her I lost teeth before her and it always makes her more angry

  • The devil 😈
    The devil 😈

    I'm a bruh girl

  • Isaiah_BTW

    I’m the couch guy 🛋😴

  • Cupcake Yum
    Cupcake Yum

    So I hate coffee, but my brothers and my mom like coffee so I’m like maybe I can try coffee with a bit of coffee and overload on creamer

  • staticscre.404

    7:10 once i was wearing pants with fake front pockets, so i put my phone in a back pocket. about an hour later, i took out my phone and saw that the screen was shattered. needless to say i will not be doing that again!!!!!

  • Sydney Hill
    Sydney Hill

    I was also excited now I'm Miserable

  • Elle Taylor
    Elle Taylor

    :😳😳😳 Boy kiss 😍💗😻

  • Elle Taylor
    Elle Taylor

    I like your dress it has pockets

  • Elle Taylor
    Elle Taylor

    Oh my God I found my people! 😘😃😃

  • Krystal Devine
    Krystal Devine

    Me to

  • Krystal Devine
    Krystal Devine

    I’m a meh girl lol

  • Maggie Puggie
    Maggie Puggie

    I have found they

  • Slow Life
    Slow Life

    “I put it on like a shirt” I’m a child it’s fine

  • M. ♥︎O♥︎.  C.♥︎   H♥︎. I
    M. ♥︎O♥︎. C.♥︎ H♥︎. I

    Lauren:I hate pants without pockets *starts looking at pants* AGHHH

  • M. ♥︎O♥︎.  C.♥︎   H♥︎. I
    M. ♥︎O♥︎. C.♥︎ H♥︎. I

    Oh im a ✨meh✨ gurl omg I love ur budssss